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  • Bobette  I've been away for a while because of John what's his name as well. Just ruins the whole experience. Looks like he's been wiped off again for the time being; hope that's a trend.
  • brian_dempsey  Btw keep swearing... Unless they go after you for it... They probably will bigly... Idk I think the swearing is so authentic...
  • brian_dempsey  And it's easy to spot trolls if their semantics are off and there are spelling errors.
  • brian_dempsey  Trust me there will be many many many trolls on your fan page if you actually run. It's very cheap to hire these people to troll your website. One man can troll for dozens of different people on different websites in a whole day...
  • JoBabs_69  Get rid of the free level of fan club membership so they can't comment. That might deter some...
  • bluesuedeshoe  Need to remove the "come here and sign up to talk" feature. Or at least have a mute button to silence non-members for periods of time. All new and renewals go to charity.
  • JohnRichcreek249  Note to public: The site is giving me a hassle with these contest comments. I don't know if they want me to go up or down with the number of people who can win the contest but they deleted my 50 list. Then my 35. I guess I'll try 100.
  • JohnRichcreek249  Interesting fact: Last Kid Rock Meet & Greet held on site was in 2004 for the "Rock 'N Roll Pain Train" tour & it was for 5 people. I'm doing this contest for 100 people (plus their 1 guest) to show appreciation to everyone for being patient with me over the last 20 months as I have been working on my blogs on this site. I guarantee the next time Kid Rock has an M&G it won't be for 100 people so take advantage of this fun opportunity!!! ----For Kid Rock "Meet & Greet" contest rules see my "RULES TO WIN" comment in blog----
  • JohnRichcreek249  ----For Kid Rock "Meet & Greet" contest rules see my "RULES TO WIN" comment --- I will be updating the list of entrants until we reach 100.
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  • JohnRichcreek249  Site's messing with my comments, folks - I'll announce Grand Opening when things get set
  • JohnRichcreek249  Last comment until 9pm tonight (Sat Sep 23) ---- Full tour schedule will be posted in blog SAT SEP 23 AT 8PM CST / It is going to be pretty much the same as what I have had posted but have to add some Michigan dates in May, June, July, Aug, Sep & Oct 2018 so Rock can stump - - - - - -
  • DetroitDave  If I ever bump into you..... your never going to forget it- I PROMISE YOU THAT-
  • JohnRichcreek249  Hey everyone: I know this is a Kid Rock fan page & I know I talk mostly business on here but... in the years leading up to Kid releasing "Devil Without A Cause" whenever I contacted him that's usually what I was talking about. See comment 4 of 20 in my KNOCK OUT BLOG for more info about how I was in touch with him prior to Devil. The way I see it, since I was talking business back then it only makes sense to be talking business now. I'm just staying consistent. Sure I could talk about weather but there's a weatherman on WTVA Tupelo, Mississippi Channel 9 News named Matt Laubhan an Emmy® winning Chief Meteorologist for the WTVA Weather Authority and is Northeast Mississippi's first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist™. So I figure I'll just leave the weather to him. Trust me folks, I would love to see more fans on this page but just because I'm talking business doesn't mean I'm not a fan. But yeah, I say if you want weather go here:
  • JohnRichcreek249  BLOG GRAND OPENING SEP 23 -- -- Blog now open
  • JohnRichcreek249  12 of 12: ---- My associates contact info: Rick Robinson - 608-249-6434 / / William "Squirrel" Massey- 662-664-3698 I promised Rick & Squirrel 10% of any 'entertainment-related' earnings I make this year (2017). Note- Rick Robinson is the manager of a rapper named Bushwick Bill. Some of you may know Bill from the rap group Geto Boys & songs like "My Minds Playing Tricks On Me". Bill has also released some solo product and was a guest on the "5th Ward Boyz" 1st release. What's interesting about Bill is he was into religion way before he got into gangster rap. What I wanted to let everyone know here is that if you ask Bill what his favorite song of his is (from him) he will say "Spiritual Warfare". It's from his 2009 religious cd. Check it out when it's available! (right click link into new window to view OR copy & paste link into browser)