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  • uberfan  PLEASE be nice and I will be nice,I am glad you are a KID ROCK fan.WE all can get along...OK
  • uberfan  THANK YOU SSS,,,Now come back and post NICE.
  • uberfan  ROCK,,,check this ---My thoughts are on top my points are on spot my high is from Pot this SHITS what i got you question ask not you play u are bought my rules my plot to long you rott , Im out THINK NOT....CatEr
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  • uberfan  yep
  • joyfuljennyb  very beautiful Kat!
  • katflashfever20005  we have a can put gold or silver in it...heck if ya have scrap gold to donate towards it we could figure a fair price with that in mind as well. mine is 10kt white with toggle cz loaded. borrowed it to friend for the holidays. could make anything on the top say anything ya wanted . like Florida Badass, Wandering Badass. ClooneyLovin Badass (Kidding). and of course the popular American Badass cept it has a star in the wording...