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  • Ajay  Loving the new KID ROCK sounds and music...might be in NASHVILLE tomorrow to see Steve Earle...we see. Might have to find Santa's Pub and have some FUN!!!!
  • sixthgear03  Fuckin love it. No get your ass to Florida!
  • jenniekor  Can not wait to see you in August! MN ROCKS KID ROCK! Love ya' man!
  • Ajay  Is all good with this critter dog???
  • rocksavedmysoul  She is doing well. It's hard to stop her from jumping and running around. She is tearing up a paper towel roll as I type this. Has a bit of swelling but that is normal. The pain meds at night make her kinda Zombie like but the vet still wants her on them so she will sleep. Thanks for asking.
  • sixthgear03  And I had to quit drinking, shit!
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  • JohnRichcreek__197  REQUEST TO THE PUBLIC- Please keep me posted about this blog: ---- As I state in the blog if AL Kapone aka AL Kapeezy turns his 901-878-9208 telephone back on by Fri Aug 11 someone please let me know. If he turns phone on by then he is the opening act for Kid Rock's upcoming tour. If he doesn't turn the phone on there will be no opening acts. EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED. AND PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM PORTION OF THIS BLOG CLOSE. THANKS.
  • JohnRichcreek__197  1 more open note to AL Kapone / my last open note of 2017: ---- AL- If you do decide to open up for Kid I am not gong to be around barking orders. I don't plan on attending any of the shows because I don't want people worrying that I am going to come out and make a 30 minute speech. However, I did want to make a few request here in this blog. If you do open for Kid: 1- Please use the band from the video below: (right click link into new window to view) This is from Rhodes College 9 years ago but I want that band. Meaning the guitar player, the drummer & the dj. If you want to have a couple hype men on stage with you that's fine but no more than 6 people on stage for this tour. 2- Prepare a 1 hour set 3- Payment would have to come from Kid Rock NO REPLY ON THIS WEBSITE IS REQUESTED BUT, AGAIN, IF YOU WANT TO OPEN UP TURN ON YOUR 901-878-9208 NUMBER ON OR BEFORE AUG 11. John July 27
  • JohnRichcreek__197  Brooks on blast: ---- Request for Garth Brooks to end his current tour early & announce (a sincere) retirement: As I've said before, I am not a big fan of artists doing multiple shows in 1 city. Yet I did schedule Kid for a few multi-dates. But check this- Garth Brooks played the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK on July 14 & 15 and did 2 shows each days! July 14th at 7:00 & 10:30 pm. July 15th at 3:00 & 7:30 pm. Talk about a cash grab. Shame on Garth for doing this (2 shows in 1 day thing) and shame on the music industry for allowing it. Furthermore, doing 2 shows in 1 day shows there's no way he is putting his all into each show. Maybe others are doing this 2 in 1 garbage but Garth is the 1 that I "caught in the act". I want to publicly suggest via this blog that Garth Brooks officially retires because of this. I like Garth Brooks. Have lots of Garth's album. But this is what we call "greed run amok". It isn't right & there needs to be some consequences.
  • rox  Sorry you even have to do that S
  • JohnRichcreek__197  Open note to JoyfulJennyB: ---- When you contacted my friend Bryan (whom I reference in my "KNOCK OUT" blog) he told you he had to change his number because I was pestering him & that I was in a mental institution. I am a very straight-forward, honest person so I don't even like the fact that Bryan was joking around like that. But that's what he was doing. JOKING. Clearly if you reached him on the phone then his phone has not been changed. And no, I have never been in a mental institution. With that said....there is 1 person who changed his phone number because of me. That's my old school friend Scarface AL Kapone (out of Memphis). His number used to be 901-878-9208 but it has been disconnected for a while (and still is). AL opened up for Kid Rock 1 time in the past & he told me he has just met Kid Rock 1 time but if you read my "KNOCK OUT" blog I've got a new comment hat says if AL turns that number back on in 14 days he can open for Rock on his tour. IF NOT- NO OPENING ACTS!
  • JohnRichcreek__197  Open note to public - CHECK OUT MY KNOCK OUT BLOG: ---- I've got a comment above here that says if AL Kapone turns his phone back on within 14 days he can open up for Kid Rock's upcoming tour. Check out my "KNOCK OUT" blog for complete details. John Richcreek July 27 PS: As far as me being too "out of hand" we'll just have to agree to disagree about that.
  • rox  Suck mine first.whats the matter punkin?jealous
  • MargoC  And so it begins...
  • JoBabs_69  Another reason to discontinue the 'free' level of fan club membership....
  • JohnRichcreek__197  Credibility Booster Shot- Yeah! ---- Earlier today (Thurs July 27) site moderator left a comment in RockSavedMySouls's blog titled "The media's attention has turned toward this website". In that blog RockSavedMySoul talks about my blogs getting deleted every day. The site moderator, SMoore6, chimed in with a comment in that blog today that says "We check several times per day". So clearly this page is being moderated. More importantly, if that blogs stay posted then it's safe to say the site supports them. Some of you may ask the question. If the site supports me why do they have to be so round-about with their support? HERE'S WHAT I SAY- This isn't about the site. It's about the fact that anybody who reads my blogs should know I'm for real & that I'm serious with what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm having to struggle with credibility but every hour this blog stays posted it's a boost to my credibility. This blog is like a credibility booster shot (so to speak). John Richcreek
  • JohnRichcreek__197  New & Improved Tour Blog featuring "small town America" leg coming tonight (July 27). Stay posted everyone. is the site....
  • rdaugette4315  I love @kid rock plz.come to Huntsville Al.I am a 4 time cancer survivor 3 was lung cancer. I have 1lung and a lung disease I want to see you in concert so bad before GOD takes me out of this world .and I don't want pitty I can prove what I am saying with Dr reports.And HUNTSVILLE AL.IS THE CLOSEST TO WHERE I LIVE. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU AND YOUR LADY IN PERSON. I WATCH YOUR VEDIOS DAILY. AND I AM A SINGLE MOM OF 2 NEVER GOT CHILD SUPPORT AND I HEAR YOU TALKING ABOUT HOW YOU RAISED YOUR SON.MY HEART HURTS BECAUSE MY KIDS HAD NO DAD .I THOUGHT ONLY IF MY KIDS JUST HAD A TASTE OF WHAT A DAD IS.I HURT SO BAD FOR MY KIDS BUT I HAVE TRIED TO DO MY best and let them know I HAVE ENOUGH LOVE4 THE BOTH OF THEM.Plz.COME TO HUNTSVILLE AL.GOD BLESS .IF YOU CAN PLZ.LET ME KNOW SOME WAY TY