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  • uberfan  AWESOME !
  • joeanna  Hey from Uk ..does anyone know Kid Rocks managment/agent contact?? Our charity want to hire/borrow a track for a video/promotion non profit for homeless ppl,Help for heros etc ...Willing to pay for use..Any ideas or suggestions plz?? Were stuck x
  • JoBabs_69  His manager is Lee Trink of Dare Mighty Entertainment in Los Angeles. Google search might get you contact info. Good luck!
  • Ajay  Me too...some days i miss it. BUT all the BULLS***T i had to go through makes me not miss it a lick. The good times i will always miss...but i can make a good time no matter where i am so i don't really care.
  • MrDetroit  He is waiting for somebody to crack that can & pour it in his doggy bowl-
  • uberfan  Ya She is saying,Look at me.I am prettier than that dumb can.
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  • J_Richcreek  It anyone wants to know why this tour runs 3 times as long as the average tour, that's simple. It's so we can hit the scalpers 3 times as hard. John Richcreek
  • J_Richcreek  Statement about Hamburg: ---- Some people may want to know why there is only 2 shows scheduled in Hamburg & no other German or foreign shows scheduled (for this tour). The reason is because whenever I see a band scheduling a bunch of shows overseas it just seems like a "money grab". If you read my "BROOKS ON BLAST" blog you will see where I don't like money grabs. So these 2 shows are just to show some love to Hamburg.
  • J_Richcreek  REMINDER -Tour still in undecided phase: ---- This comment was last update Aug 17, 2017 Hello- I jwant to remind everyone that even though CAA (Creative Artists Agency) game me permission to submit this tour to them the tour is still in the undecided phase. I am just the tour scheduler. As far as legally booking the shows that has to be done by Kid Rock's booking agent at CAA. If I have an update to post about the tour I will post it in this comment or of someone else gets an update go ahead & post a comment in blog. Current Tour Status: UNDECIDED
  • molly36  And John: You can kiss my azz, good by..and...
  • J_Richcreek  Open note to Molly36: ---- The reason I asked where you were from was so I could schedule 2 Kid Rock shows in that area for 2017 & 2018 so you could take advantage of the meet & greet. If you want to give me an honest town in the next 4 hours I'll set something up. 5:55 pm Mississippi time 9:55 pm Mississippi time Molly36 deadline to give me a location near where you live to schedule the Kid
  • J_Richcreek  My last comment of blog / Open note to American public: ---- I asked Molly36 a business-related question (in this blog) but she never answered. At any rate, I clicked her screen name & it says she's from Hamburg, Germany. So I am going to schedule some Hamburg on the Kid Rock tour schedule. See my 1 of 8 blog (coming tonight at 10 pm for complete tour schedule). Dec, 2017 Hamburg get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JoBabs_69  ..jacked-up Rocky Ridge straight rollin' coal....🎶
  • uberfan  Ya your right,Rox u know Trucks :)
  • rox  I have a really nice truck too,and he def needs to beef up the bushwhackers.Still a nice ride,we have a lift kit and I can barely hop init.I would need help getting in that unit.
  • J_Richcreek  Hello everyone: If you red what I have typed on this blog image I stand by ever word of it. So I am saying if things aren't panning out (business-wise) by Oct 4 I throw in the towel. JOHN PS: TYPO: The tour blog is my "1 of 8" blog, not "1 of 10". CHECK FOR IT TODAY (AUG 17) AT 6 PM CST!!!