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  • uberfan  AWESOME !
  • joeanna  Hey from Uk ..does anyone know Kid Rocks managment/agent contact?? Our charity want to hire/borrow a track for a video/promotion non profit for homeless ppl,Help for heros etc ...Willing to pay for use..Any ideas or suggestions plz?? Were stuck x
  • JoBabs_69  His manager is Lee Trink of Dare Mighty Entertainment in Los Angeles. Google search might get you contact info. Good luck!
  • Ajay  Me too...some days i miss it. BUT all the BULLS***T i had to go through makes me not miss it a lick. The good times i will always miss...but i can make a good time no matter where i am so i don't really care.
  • MrDetroit  He is waiting for somebody to crack that can & pour it in his doggy bowl-
  • uberfan  Ya She is saying,Look at me.I am prettier than that dumb can.
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  • uberfan  SHOW THE LOVE PEOPLE !
  • karensreynolds
  • katflashfever2000  looks like a great bunch of people...I always get bumped out of the groups I don't know why but since the last bump 2015 I said no more groups only one I am a part of...
  • crazyassmoma  uhuhuh smdh...
  • DianaR  Just missing me some old fashioned "Torso Tuesday" shots! This is an oldly (3 yrs) but a REALLY goody. I find it funny that under the "Most Popular" tab, the first 8 most popular are all shirtless shots! Makes my day! :-) Haven't seen Cheryl on here in a long time; but she always had some fun stuff
  • uberfan  HI KELLEY