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  • TammyRay  how did Sophie do without you rsms??
  • rocksavedmysoul  She didn't eat much but she did cuddle with my niece and her husband. She ate like a wolf last night!
  • TammyRay  aww, poor little Badass, she missed mommy, mine did too when I'd leave them (and usually it was for Kid,lol) glad you're home safe..
  • uberfan  Go ahead and Hate your neighbor go ahead and cheat a friend you can do it in the name of Heaven you can justify it in the end there wont be any trumpets blowing come the judgement day on the bloody morning after,,,,,,,One Tin Soldier Rides Away........I lov that Song....Some times when I am sick I listen to it...and not bug'n anyone....
  • rocksavedmysoul  I luv that song, too, Uber.
  • uberfan  My gram-pa helped build the church our family has gone to for years.Cherry Park in Troutdale.That's where I learned that song.
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  • uberfan  SHOW THE LOVE PEOPLE !
  • karensreynolds
  • katflashfever2000  looks like a great bunch of people...I always get bumped out of the groups I don't know why but since the last bump 2015 I said no more groups only one I am a part of...
  • crazyassmoma  uhuhuh smdh...
  • DianaR  Just missing me some old fashioned "Torso Tuesday" shots! This is an oldly (3 yrs) but a REALLY goody. I find it funny that under the "Most Popular" tab, the first 8 most popular are all shirtless shots! Makes my day! :-) Haven't seen Cheryl on here in a long time; but she always had some fun stuff
  • uberfan  HI KELLEY