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  • vicandvic  @cjkulda I am having the same problem any help?
  • lisa_mc  me too :(
  • kupco  Trying to get tix for Atlantic City but none of the codes worked. Wanted to surprise my wife for the 10/20 show but no luck. Can anyone help me before it sells out
  • uberfan  walg79 you are Awesome Fans,Thank you... kicscott2018
  • uberfan  YA U KNOW WHO IS GONE,,,It was a long hard fight,,,,,you are welcome...
  • uberfan  If ya want the codes ,,,the only thing you are here for then get them then leave........
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  • tracigracey  WOW! Great picture! I just became part of this BAD ASS group!! Love it!
  • uberfan  Ya Jj was having some teck problems so she shut er down.Should be up and running soon,,,,
  • detroit_david  nice
  • camurray916  How does someone join this awesome group?
  • rox  So was KRAA
  • katflashfever20005  rox what was KRAA? got a friend to join me then nobody liked my honesty ...agh well im very serious and direct but i'm only on this and another one now...too buzy usually and taking another job in april so..there ya have it..have a dream of retiring in another country.
  • crazyassmoma  uhuhuh smdh...
  • DianaR  Just missing me some old fashioned "Torso Tuesday" shots! This is an oldly (3 yrs) but a REALLY goody. I find it funny that under the "Most Popular" tab, the first 8 most popular are all shirtless shots! Makes my day! :-) Haven't seen Cheryl on here in a long time; but she always had some fun stuff
  • uberfan  HI KELLEY
  • angelsex  There is a fire in that dances in my soul, when I hear your music, my heart loses control. I WONDER if I am the female aspect of you, don't lose that thought till we're through.
  • bluesuedeshoe  Good luck to you, lady.
  • angelsex  Two star crossed lovers on the same path, one is of love and the other in light.