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  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • tracytegg  I also paid the $15 for the code but was unable to use it. BIG Bummmer. I hope that the $15 goes to a good cause. Was really looking forward to going to the show
  • tammieking1972  Has anyone heard when the Nashville fish fry will be...or will there be one???
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  • uberfan  but I bet the little one rules the roost..And I haven't seen a poodle that big thats awesome.
  • uberfan  My mother in law has a new Labradoodle.His fer is soft like human hair..He gets studded for Big bucks...
  • JohnJRichcreekUSA  Let me say it one last time- THAT IS THE PLACE TO TALK ANIMALS! Do you go to the Pepsi-Cola site to talk about insulation for mobile homes? Of course no. So why would you talk about animals on a music site? And don't say it's because you want people to know you better. All these animal pictures all started popping up at once (like a trend). Kind of like pink hair...a bad trend.
  • uberfan  yep
  • uberfan  eat shi t john.
  • uberfan  OMG,How cute is it,,You have a little love ball..I love little puppy's.I have a cha-wow Jack russell and if he don't get his love's in the morning we both would explode..If you say a word he don't know he turns his head side ways its the cutest thing....
  • rocksavedmysoul  Sophie is a morkie. She is badass for a lil girl!
  • uberfan  she looks like a lover but a ass kicker.
  • MrDetroit  johncreep blocker/bumper comment-
  • uberfan  Kick'n it with Saul.I have worked with lots of VIP;S still I feel the same.Everybody knows my name say it way out loud a lot of folks F with me its had to hang out in crowd,,,,,,
  • uberfan  o ya I have one standing next to BOB to,,,,We are some Rock star Shi t Hu MR D...
  • JohnJRichcreekUSA  My 100% guaranteed last comment of the day (May 28, 2017) - EASY WAY TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT: ---- Regarding the cold shoulder this blog is currently getting: ---- Hey folks: You can ignore this blog. Turn your nose up at this blog. Jump past this blog. Scroll past this blog. BUT IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT THIS BLOG IS REAL! So if you want to make yourself look stupid keep turning your nose up at what's possibly the most entertaining blog on the entire internet this year. Signed, John J Richcreek May 28, 2017 PS: I don't use the word idiot that much & I realize it's a bit of a harsh word but yeah, if you are ignoring this blog at this time (just because the media hasn't pointed you toward it) you are an idiot. Nothing against the media. But when a blog looks like a real blog and reads like a real's a real blog! You shouldn't have to have Detroit Channel 7 tell you this! PPS: As of right now I am taking 2 weeks off from message board (due to disgust). ---
  • MrDetroit  yippie
  • MrDetroit  John you are the definition of a TROLL....But you already know that. Misery loves company HUH?????????? Go crwl back under the rock you came from-