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  • uberfan  triple dog dare you,What are you in high School? you are a fuc n loser.Just admite it you are a crazy nut that lives in a half way house and has to have his ars wiped.
  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • tracytegg  I also paid the $15 for the code but was unable to use it. BIG Bummmer. I hope that the $15 goes to a good cause. Was really looking forward to going to the show
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  • uberfan
  • uberfan  This is supposed to be a FAN site to a Celebrity.One were a person can post pictures because they are fond of what that Celebrity does.And one should feel FREE to especially if you PAY MONEY..I have been a part of KID ROCKS FAN Club For years.Each few years they Have to REDO it Because it destroys it self due to the fans in it.I am also a member of a few fan club sites.NONE of which have members that are like KID ROCKS.It always turns out a group of women who feel the need to keep KID ROCK there own.Like they have to show that its there fan site and will act like there friends to you but when together will Backstab, hurt, and in the end smile like all is well..As long as there is someone to attack and hate they keep from attacking each other. Why do you think there are Not any men that stand up when they want to view a question..Because they get what they think are friends that turn and are MEAN BACKSTABBING nasty fake friends that dont have integrity to stand up and be different and to be Right...That's just one's opinion but others who have seen it also...I want to Shout out to TAMMYRAY who has the Bal ls to be her own person and NOT be a follower,,THANK YOU.
  • rocksavedmysoul  Wtf?
  • rocksavedmysoul  So sad. I can't imagine how the fans in those last cities feel.
  • uberfan  I just got back from a Seattle underground RIP COME TOGETHER.Word got around Portland underground and I was in Seattle in 2 hours.Every musician every family member was there under the bridge in a slum part of seattle.I wont say anything more about what went down because like when Kurt died it was quite but loud just like Chris Cornell--I will let you have this. David said this then we all walked away,,****,,Before we Disappear part of me like a stone in a sun shower has my arms around your love I nearly forgot my broken heart you cant change me you know my name "Chris Cornell"
  • uberfan  I would have never told anyone about this but I think you MR D,ken? are worthy.......