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  • KidRockFanBecky  Okay... 6 shows SOLD OUT! Any more dates being added?? Maybe Sept 22nd & 23rd? :)
  • jnkain  I have 2 tickets for Wednesday Sept 13 Section 118 Row18 if anyone is interested. Only selling because I was able to get 4 for following week. Have tickets printed out, selling for what I paid. Em if interested.
  • fireytyrant  Thanks for the code. Small gestures are still appreciated. Joy
  • katflashfever2000  TRY to take 1 ME day a week...without feeling guilty about it...
  • mrschmittou  My NY resolution is no resolution at all, I plan to go about life with the same attitude and outlook. Lets just hope 2017 isn't as big of an a$$hole as 2016 was! Oh and if Kid could raffle off tickets to win a trip on his cruise that would be amazing! i would spend money on that raffle to get on a trip i can not afford outright... hope this message gets passed along.
  • anissa4499  My Resolution is~I am going to see Kid Rock in concert. I have never been to one of his concerts, I have always wanted to go. My youngest, of 8 children, will be 13, this year, I think I deserve to spend the money to go. I haven't been to a concert, since my first child was born in 1991. I just hope he comes close to Knoxville, this year
  • shelleyqueen03  I emailed the website manager, to ask where my code is...she simply repeated the steps that are on the website. grrr. so frustrating
  • civicaudiostore  I can't see my name on the top of the page will this work on my phone.
  • JoBabs_69  On the mobile version, there should be three lines on top of each other that is the menu. Tap on it and scroll down. You should see options to logout or manage membership (mm). Go to mm and there should be a prompt for promo codes.
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  • bluesuedeshoe  Hmmmm, notice he's finally given up the white Hanes underwear and socks in rider.
  • katflashfever2000  Darn it RICH...Robert will do MEETS if HE wants to NOT the other WAY around I imagine he is helping his fiancee with THIER WEDDING? give them a break ! he's earned it..He's probally like MOST people in the music buisness that had others INSIST he meet with so and so because of this and that.. there HAS to be a STOP to that . BOB chooses the meet and greets OR not..we as his fans most of us accept that. my suggestion go on the cruise if you dont ambush Him and Aud..they come out. everybodys time on earth is precious Don't waste it.
  • uberfan  SUSAN he is using Richcreek197,,,OK TAKE HIM OF,,,or do they NOT have a MODERATOR today ? 4/21
  • uberfan  JOHN You are thinking what you are doing is ok.IT IS NOT OK THAT YOU ARE HERE,,,,,You are sick in the head,you belive what you are thinking,,,THE MODERATOR WILL NEVER let you do what you want because you are a sick person who is breaking the rules.YOU ARE BANNED FROM HERE 25 TIMES...GO TAKE YOUR MEDS JOHN.