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  • triffenburg2  well last year we did not do anything cause I broke my left knee,foot and hand riding a little 4 wheeler but we usually have a game night music and drinks or just sit by a fire
  • SMoore6  These stories are great.
  • SMoore6  We've contacted a winner and sent prizes! Thanks to everyone who shared their stories! They were incredible
  • uberfan  I like to watch when you walk past,That little Wiggle in your ass-eco (in your ass) I like to watch you shake it go,Like at a Bob Richie show-Eco (Ritchie) show.I like it when you say u can,That's just like Uberfan -eco (uberfan).....
  • MsBehavin  ~And I like the way you like having fun :-) You know the Sun is shining on Kentucky~
  • MsBehavin  Dang :-) I SO LOVE this band :-)
  • beckxy  no.. i'm just a naughty girl, and have to come on here at least once a week to see what's going on.. even if that means while I am at work (the naughty part), for I love the Kid mf'n Rock and his band too... and I tend to think that's being naughty too..blahaha! Good Girl gone BadAss :D Living the LowLife... so what
  • bacamzb  I have a copy of "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" & a Kid Rock "Cocky" Hoodie.The hoodie is way to big but the only size that was available & it's lovingly been worn! Don't care much for the "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" !
  • uberfan  Thats awesome....
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  • rocksavedmysoul  Sophie is a morkie. She is badass for a lil girl!
  • uberfan  she looks like a lover but a ass kicker.
  • MargoC  What a cutie pup, lil Sophie! I follow Audrey on IG & saw the cutest pic of the new pup & Dixie snuggled up together, super cute pic. I was going to a post a pic of my Wiener dog Chloe but every pic I have of her she's sleeping...& that is why I have a fat wiener. lol
  • krsval  @johnjrichcreekusa we said no fake tours, no fake shows, and no fake news. So unless ur gonna post a pic of ur puppers, kitties or accurate facts, please refrain from posting any more misleading information. Thank you in advance.
  • JohnJRichcreekUSA  Fake news? + Open Challenge to KRSVAL: ---- I'm not going to get into any back & forth arguing here but krsval just accused me of posting "fake news". Fake news is a phrase people love to use in 2017. It's like a bad trend. Like pink hair. But let me say this. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't need 1,000 pieces of evidence to believe something. But I dare.... no I double dog dare... no I triple dog dare Krsval to disprove what I'm saying in my "May Bonus Blog". In that blog I say Kid Rock will not be doping a "3rd Annual Fish Fry" in Nashville this year unless the tour I have posted in my "2 of 5" blog is approved by the record label. PROVE ME WRONG ON THIS KRSVAL. Show me the link to that Fish Fry pre-sale PRIOR to getting news that the tour I have listed is official. And don't go moot on me like MrDetroit. Just show me 1 thing to prove I'm lying in that "May Bonus Blog". John Richcreek
  • krsval  @johnjrichcreekusa It is not necessary for me to prove anything right now...Fish fry Tix will be announced in July or so. I am going on OFFICIAL news that is posted here from the Record Label and/or from,..not on false (is that a better word?) news posted by you or anyone else.