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  • menz1  Yeahhhh - got great seats for the Sept 20th show! Booked flight from Canada and hotel without tickets .... soooo glad we get to go:)
  • astandokes  I had to pay $35 a ticket. Not $20 only certain seats are $20 and of course they are all sold out and they are bleeder seats. Disappointed in this Kid Rock sale, all the seats should of been $20, like in his past $20 ticket sales. Got 4 tickets because I still want to see him in concert just disappointed in how this sale worked.
  • donna641  Yippy !!! See you in September. Got our tickets last night at midnight. Woohoo :):):)
  • katflashfever2000  Mr Detroit...myhusband farrel 9 years 5 months ago tried a last resort called CHANTIX...we are gonna have a big party for him for his 10 year anniversary of not smoking .
  • nrsbtty66  My New Years Resolution is work less and attend more Kid Rock Concerts!!!!!
  • jacquelineschaffner  Party!
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  • PopRock  Love this picture Allyson!!
  • AllyKY  I can't wait for the announcement!!! My vacation depends on it! Plus I need a new shirt to go with the rest of my wardrobe! Thanks everyone for showing the LOVE!!!!
  • ggeorg1  Look how absolutely adorable my KR-BFF is!! (I know you can't see her face, but trust me she is beautiful) Love you and your shirt....I have the same one 😘
  • DianaR  Thanks! I saw it this morning with my morning wake up coffee.
  • MargoC  The photographer on this tour has been great!
  • DianaR  He sure has Margo!