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  • fryjerry12  You playing for the inauguration is a big slap in the face to soldiers and Americans. I hope you enjoy losing your fan bsse. All you will have left is racist, lying,stealing and no heart Assholes.
  • Kidrockangel  why is itok for you to call Kid Rock fans Racist Assholes but not ok for Trump or others to speak there mind. you are an idiotJerry.
  • bkgoodman80  Bobby ( kid) I support you 100% for all you stand for the troops and Trump !! We need more like you ! Love your music and all you stand for at almost "46" lol I would call you friend any day ! And your and band are always welcome at my table !!! Love ya
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  • OutSideTheBox  DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OutSideTheBox  Now for you Diana-have you seen the new picture under news for Kid Rock from Indy-no need of shirt off or Happy Trail line it speaks for itself :) I'm not behaving tonight again-lol
  • OutSideTheBox  Posted the picture just for you Diana!!! Enjoy the view :)
  • DianaR  Wonder if this is from his DSO show. He was in a tux for a short amount of time that night. OK, what is hotter than shirtless Bob??? Tux Bob :-)
  • JoBabs_69  I think this is from the Grammy's a few years back, but not 100% positive.
  • tanaray  nothing better then a sharp dressed man