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  • cmbcmt04  Why with my code was I not able to purchase one ticket for any dates in Sept YET stub hub is selling a ton of tixs???? This is getting out of hand
  • markwrubel  Like the new website. And Thanks for the ticket presale. Let the countdown for September begin!!
  • chiantichick  I kept hitting refresh and main floor came up! Fri Sept 15th I'm there in MF1 row 49!
  • Candy03  Daytime is family. nite time is friends, good booze and a heck of a party! Nothing like lighting up the sky with fireworks in a snowstorm-esp when you've got a good friend that got you some BADASS Beer for the holidays:) Heck even the cops were impressed lol-no tickets, noone got busted just told to keep it chill and have a Happy New Years. Personally think it was the beer we offered them that did it lol. Great Party! :)
  • kitchenj83  Gah, excessive celebration is our way of life, not sure if winner has been picked or not, we will be partying in the Lou for the New Years Eve show, we consider any holiday a success if there are no physical fights or arrests! My cousins police chase after Thanksgiving last year was a bust tho. Lots of family time and good music (AKA Kid Rock).
  • shanea7351  I think our best was a mid winter bon fire. We have about five acres of woods with four wheeler trails throughout. And in the back is a big clearing with a huge bon fire pit. We usually have a big fire every year, but a couple years ago we got too busy. So, we just decided to celebrate for the holiday season. There were probably 3 trees sectioned into thirds plus pallets, logs and other furniture on it. It was about 20' tall and about 30' across. Alcohol flowing freely, we had just made some apple pie moonshine. Quads running around. When we lit the fire the tips of the flames were above the trees in the woods. Well a bar property connects to ours and a call goes in that the bar is on fire. Needless to say, the fire department shows up and the chief gets stuck in brambles and thorns. We meet him and get him out. He then wants to see the fire and figure out how to get a pumper truck in to put it out. I told him the only way in is where he just got stuck. We walk him back to the fire. Probably 50-60 drunk friends and family running around, some trying to roast marshmallows and hot dogs on extra long sticks to make it a "recreational" fire. The chief looks around, then looks at me and says..." Well, it looks like you have it under control...Have a nice night." And leaves. At this point the fire is no less than 40' tall! We all start laughing and continuing partying til morning. Truly a great night!!
  • MsBehavin  I am about to be the Bob Seger Taurus that I am. Number one~Kat_Do Your Homework. If You SERIOUSLY THINKthat B is in it for US???? Think Agian. I have a vage. I don't want that C in the White House.
  • MsBehavin  Trump is a total d bag man with no brains. Obviously. But will i vote for his dbag ass? Hell yah-he kept it real
  • MsBehavin  Yup. Don't talk about me ~say it right to me. Sometimes~we are not what we seem. Say it to me.
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  • uberfan  Thats what its all about,For bob to take time out of his busy life to do that for a guy that will cherish that the rest of his life ya cant put it to words,,,I want to THANK YOU For having a heart
  • OutSideTheBox  OMG-I <3 <3 LOVE THIS !!! Best Birthday Wish Come True Ever for Dan The Man !!! :D So Awesome!!!
  • bart  This is great. Very cool that Kid had a couple of hours to hang out and have some fun. Great job to everyone that was involved in making his dream come true. Happy Birthday Dan!
  • DianaR  Wonder if this is from his DSO show. He was in a tux for a short amount of time that night. OK, what is hotter than shirtless Bob??? Tux Bob :-)
  • JoBabs_69  I think this is from the Grammy's a few years back, but not 100% positive.
  • tanaray  nothing better then a sharp dressed man
  • MargoC  haha yep that's about how it was with us! I think it was great that he did that though, how lucky for the people sitting in the hot tub, who got to hang with him, but sitting around staring at somebody, even KR doesn't sound like fun lol..
  • MargoC  He seemed to be out & about quite a bit on the cruise, if you were in the right place at the right time. When I saw that private courtyard that he had, I was thinking that's where he'd be holed up, it was cool you could spot KR out & about.
  • MargoC  Next time I won't go to bed so early so I can catch more impromptu performances with the other artists, that's what I wanna see!