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  • uberfan  uberfan Well its been a long long day and its time Im on my own, I gain that needed rest upon my porcelain throne.Got my news paper in hand as i wait my final stand,I know im feeling mean as i reach to get clean, I look apon that role for that paper to clean my sole But what do i not see NO paper to set me freee,,,,Im Singing the ----NO T,P, BLUE'S --and its a drag---Now do I look apon my sock or make that awkward walk, down the hall to were i see that paper to set me free,I be singing the NO T,P, BLUES.....O ya No T,P. BLUES,,,,,not what I choose, the NO T.P. BLUES ! LOL,,LOL,,LOL LOL,,,,(UBERFAN)
  • kbrownmclean  ,
  • meredithtoles  Your playing for Trump, you lost me and quiet a few of other people as fans. 😞 you do play grear music going to miss you
  • mtsmith71  I'm not sure if this is the place for it but I purchased 2 tickets to Fish Fry show on Sat., Oct. 8th and now I can't go. I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying them. I'm not looking to rip anyone off, I just want someone to get some use out of them.
  • MsBehavin  I'd be more worried about the ~pre sale code spell at this point my Friend :-)
  • MsBehavin  I vote for a "let loose" day where we just beast upon who ever deserves it. I tell you guys what--if I were Bob or anyone from Tbt--assclowns would think twice about posting what they post..whatever--ticks me off-and I am going to go vacuum and go to bed. Big jerks with a minus 23 IQ
  • skeenom  still not able to purchase for Durant :-( does anyone know something that I dont know?
  • jasonloyd seems to be a Ticketmaster issue.
  • skeenom  I called and talked to a live person and she had no idea what I was talking about....lame ugh