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  • masonsandra  I still have not received the email with the presale code??
  • bluesuedeshoe  Pretty fast, so if nothing in a couple of days, I'd contact to track it. When you get the welcome letter they explain how to access presale codes which will be automatically downloaded into your acct.
  • rocknrich  Great seats still left for fan clubbers!
  • fireytyrant  Truly's so sad that every year at least 23,000 people alone from scams or tricks fall victim to human trafficking. What hurts my heart the most is there is only one headquarters in our whole USA . One..I know right..blessings to you..
  • MsBehavin  Justice will always prevail. And Good will ALWAYS overcome evil. Always Believe that :-) I am in Atlanta-if You are close by, come and visit with me
  • fireytyrant  Hey MsBehavin, I'm freaking out, I for one have never and I'm totally serious,never won anything ever in my life. Two ....I have never ever ever been to a concert...I know don't laugh...if you don't mind messaging me , I would be beyond greatful. Oh my... I don't know if it's cool to put our numbers or email I'm a mess lol
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  • rocksavedmysoul  Yes he is.
  • beckxy  I'm with Val here lol... I froze. Gene and I were standing there watching Nikki Lane on stage.. next thing I know, I felt this huge "presence" behind us. Could have been my "hunter's eye" as my dad always says lol... I say to Geno... hey.. do me a favor... look over your shoulder behind us and lemme know if Bobster is back there. Sure enough... he was. We saw you pass us RSMS.. right aside of us, in fact, and I gave you a big Ass smile.. as I knew what you were about to do. Then Geno made it back there.. me still standing froze in front of the big line that started to form. I'm such a fool sometime cuz I do kick myself in the rear for not going over and saying hi to him... I stumble quite easily.. didn't have enough to drink in me to have no inhibitions haha. Glad you got over there.. and glad my husband did too... maybe next time.. there's always a next
  • shawniem  I would die! Or maybe just pass out. This is like life time moment.
  • uberfan  Dude,You cant shoot water out no more,,,,Bummer...
  • rox  Dude you have more autographs of anyone I have ever known!
  • shawniem  I think we're all a tad jealous, autographs, sigh!
  • rocksavedmysoul  No problem, Beckxy. They still need support. Please get the word out everyone. Every little bit helps. They are close to 3/4 of the way to their goal.
  • MrDetroit  I hope everything works out- I'll say a prayer for you two-
  • shawniem  My Grandma use to say, "you think your life is tough until you hear someone elses problems" I read the Go Fund Me, but honestly it was her testimony that really touched my heart. I shared it on my FB. Blessings to Jessie and Matt
  • MrDetroit  Call me-
  • rox  Dear Mr.Kid Rock...I'm so sad I'm going to miss your only Cali show in Salinas.If you are going to book another show here please call me 403-345-3417...International long distance charges will apply.
  • rox  ☎☎☎☎📞📞📞
  • uberfan  Thats why I like him more then any other artist..He is real,He gets it.....MRDETROIT man you were lucky to have lived in the D back in the day., saw him go to the top,,,,,,I bet you got some cool stories.,