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  • bacamzb  They will email you the info 3-5 days before the show. I got mine 72 hours before the show w/ all the info. for Tulsa
  • jwrenn2  Anyone else a little concerned with AXS (ticket handler)? my tickets are now not showing up on website or app and I've been on hold with them for over 20 minutes now. At least I have an email confirmation.
  • lisator1975  Towman have you received info yet? I am VIP for Atlanta show and no email yet.
  • 1BBBlackastheAceofSpadesOctpus405  well why you say don't worry,.why should he? I must say the man has nothing, not'a thing to worry about in regardes to his music,...
  • uberfan  #1 BAD ASS,whats that make u 25? :)
  • uberfan  I wrote this a bout 2 years ago about my son.I would like to bring it back because it reminds me of the heart of Kid Rock.------------------------------------@I was watching the news the other night and my 7 year old said God Bless AMERICA dad.My son belongs to a group of boys called CUB SCOUTS.It is a younger part of the BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.They went to one of the biggest cemetery's in town on Memorial day and put small FLAGS on all the soldiers graves.So all you could see was a mile of Cub Scouts putting a Mile of FLAGS on the graves.When they were done I stood in awe at the miles of flags.They were told to line the FLAGS up with the cross's on the stone so they all would line up perfect.Then they were to salute it and say "Thank you for your service" and move to the next one.Watching it brought tears to my eyes..So that lesson I did not have to give.My son felt the words he said to me and I just looked back at him and said Ya son "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
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  • beckxy  Shit's getting real :) I'd like to try and do another one.. either Newark or Baltimore maybe but it all depends on when my boss is putting me on the weekend schedule.
  • bacamzb  njsunflower, is this your Friday?
  • dynamic_david  Man I wish I could hit up every dam show
  • joyfuljennyb  I ❤ your shares all the time!
  • msmithrnbsn  And I be catchin' them northern pike Like on a ten pound test Success, never fess, take a guess I be the early mornin' stoned pimp, Straight limpin, Boone's Farm drinkin, At the party big booty pinchin' Chillin, like a villian, balloon fillin Whack MC killin, the fine ho drillin With the million dollar talent And the ten cent brain, Been gone too long, too much cocaine....
  • uberfan  not enough