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  • uberfan  AWESOME !
  • joeanna  Hey from Uk ..does anyone know Kid Rocks managment/agent contact?? Our charity want to hire/borrow a track for a video/promotion non profit for homeless ppl,Help for heros etc ...Willing to pay for use..Any ideas or suggestions plz?? Were stuck x
  • JoBabs_69  His manager is Lee Trink of Dare Mighty Entertainment in Los Angeles. Google search might get you contact info. Good luck!
  • rocksavedmysoul  You can't tell me a thing. I'm Irish...
  • YippeeJohnRichcreek  yippeeeeeeee RULES TO WIN: ---- Kid Rock Meet and Greet CONTEST: ---- - The first 100 members of the "Fan Club" (with either paid or free memberships) who type the word "yippee" (not case sensitive) in this blog win (2) meet & greet passes to the 2017 or 2018 Kid Rock show of your choice. - Notification of winning: All winners will be notified IN THIS BLOG by site moderator Sarah Moore (Screen name: SMoore6/email: within 100 days of winning post. / Winners of contest (along with their guest) may bring (2) items each for Kid to sign. / Winners of contest must bring own camera for pictures. / Starting today (Aug 17) you have to correctly type "Yippee" to win.
  • Ajay  Me too...some days i miss it. BUT all the BULLS***T i had to go through makes me not miss it a lick. The good times i will always miss...but i can make a good time no matter where i am so i don't really care.
  • MrDetroit  He is waiting for somebody to crack that can & pour it in his doggy bowl-
  • uberfan  Ya She is saying,Look at me.I am prettier than that dumb can.
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  • YippeeJohnRichcreek  20 of 20: - 2018's "Greatest Show On Earth Tour" NIXED: - The Kid Rock "Greatest Show On Earth Tour" (as advertised in the video for Great Show On Earth music video) has been nixed. The reason is because of copyright issues with Ringling Bros. Even though Ringling Bros does not operate it's circus anymore it still holds the copyright to the "Greatest Show On Earth" slogan. Some of you may say how can there be issues with the show when there is no issues with the song. The reason is because the song called "Greatest Show On Earth" is a song. But the show would be a show. And that's what Ringlin Bros copyright covers- a show being performed with their trademark. Here is the link to Ringling Bros website: (right click link into new window to view) At the bottom of the Ringling Bros website it shows that they still hold the copyright/trademark for "Greatest Show On Earth". Kid can reach an agreement with Ringling to do a song called "Greatest Show" but not a tour.
  • YippeeJohnRichcreek  Proof that Uberfan was full of it when he said I just hopped on this site: ----- Hey everyone: Uberfan left a comment in one of my blogs saying I was lying about being on this site since 2015. Here is an email screen shot of the first time I signed up for If you look at the top right hand corner you can clearly see it was December 12, 2015. I have no issues with Uberfan. NONE WHATSOEVER. But he can be full of it sometimes. Not all the time. But sometimes. I've worked too hard on his site for him to get on a comment and say I just dropped in. John Aug 17, 2017 PS: I will be back tomorrow night to finish working on my "knock out blog" & if the "tour blog" needs any reparations I will work on it also.
  • YippeeJohnRichcreek  DEC 2015
  • MrDetroit  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MrDetroit  Bumper comment- take it 2 the top-
  • MargoC  I was there, I had goosebumps!
  • JoBabs_69  Magical night! I accidentally deleted my video I shot (probably very shaky due to excitement and dancing) 😔
  • MrDetroit  Bumper comment- take it 2 the top-