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  • uberfan  YOUR A LOSER WHO LIVES IN HIS VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER****************************
  • uberfan  I am pool side been think'n bout life an how my old lady said go fly a kite.Well i did that i took her advice, Now Im sipp'n jim beam in paradise.---( Whisky and woman are nice But man I got to find a new kind of vice) --(Fast cars and lines are ok just know when to Stop at the end of the day)---Gary Cater--- Just wrote this for BOB..."WHISKY IN PARADISE" ----or "KITE FLY'N IN PARADISE"
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  • bluesuedeshoe  Kiddo, I am not fooling ja? You are obsessive compulsive and are demonstrating the emotional capacity of the avg.12 year old. Bob "owes" you? Because you made phone calls? Or somehow someway were one of millions who heard liked bought and spoke highly of, it's how the freakin' music industry works. Heard of Marshall Mathers? A "stan" fan?
  • bluesuedeshoe  And wrap it up, dude. Until you can stop this nonsense, the last something some poor baby needs is to pop out with you as the Dad.
  • JohnR2  Mar 21 heads up- Everyone be sure to check out my LAST POST ON THE INTERNET FOR THE REST OF 2019 in my 1 of 4 blog! John Mar21 PS: To anyone who says this site isn't moderated that's not true. I just had a few comments deleted by the site tonight.
  • JohnR2  Friendly reminder aka Whoomp upside your head comment: ---- To anyone who feels that my blogs are the reason that not many people are posting on this site at this time I hate to have to go WHOOMP upside your head but yeah.... whoomp! Whoomp 1 upside your head- I have absolutely nothing to do with the lack of posts on this site Whoomp 2- This site was the same way before I started posting in Dec of 2015 Whoomp 3- The reason there aren't a lot of posts on this page is because unlike so many other cheap, scuzzy sell-out websites this site (KIDROCK.COM) has never changed it's format to make it more "convenient" for portable internet users. To enjoy & appreciate this site people need to have the patience to sit down & look at it Whoomp 4- I'm not saying people can't view this site on an cell phone or i-pad I'm just saying the site is, in my opinion, designed for people with desktop computers to enjoy Whoomp 5- to anyone who say desktop computers are out of style, well, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that
  • bluesuedeshoe  Living proof that if you can sit in that chair long enough, Hairclubs for Men can work miracles.
  • uberfan  LOL,LOL,LOL,,,,,,LOL LOL,,,I cant talk I am choking ,,,,,,,,Ahhhhhhhh
  • uberfan  I think its photoshopped...?
  • robertbarb69  Yes I have and he is awesome performer the concert I am going to this year is my seventh one
  • bluesuedeshoe  Rolling through news alerts over the years, they get great support and reviews. Good for them.