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  • johnrichcreek5494  SNOT NOSE COMMENT BELOW
  • johnrichcreek5494  SNOT NOSE COMMENT: ---- Hey everyone: Since Ticketmaster wants to act like a bunch of snot nose brats by pressuring this website to delete my account earlier because of this blog I figured I'd act like a snot nose brat by re-posting it and keeping it bumped at the top of the site until TICKETMASTER ceases with their re-sale policy.
  • johnrichcreek5494  SNOT NOSE COMMENT ABOVE
  • bacamzb  Rox, your right on both accounts & My wonderful husband is a Chevy Man too!!
  • joyfuljennyb  Rox...I'd love to put him up as my hood ornament haha hott
  • rox  Jenny...Great Minds Girlll
  • joyfuljennyb  I don't think this is a very nice post. I don't understand what's with all the bird flipping.