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  • bluesuedeshoe  The value to the fans of presale is enormous, especially this time out, the way the sale was constructed. Heard a lot of chatter that folks who have been long term members got excellent seats.
  • joyfuljennyb  my irritation is this...(and let me point out is very very low, cause I mean, get real I'm spending NYE with my best guy!) The day of the sale me and the boys are in full on ticket sale mode..1 on desktop one on laptop, me iPad and phone...the second those tickets are available the only "best seats" are row 24 and then in the stands....I'm in freak out mode deciding if I should take 24th row...heart racing ...but we waited another 15 min.and I took those seats! Pleased as pie. Soooo excited and happy! Still am. Someone mentioned something about a concert not saying sold out on here in the tour section, and it was a sold out show. Just curious I check NYE and it doesn't say sold out, which he said it was. So I just click just to see what was added in the nosebleed section. I was shocked when I saw front row center!!! Yes it was more money...and back when tickets went on sale I would have had nooooo problem paying that. Im keeping my golden ticket! Its already got memories attached to it because of the silly set up me and my boys had when buying them! Lol if you would have seen us, you would have thought I was getting tickets for Elvis. Im just wondering more than anything, why the premium tickets were released after the show was sold out. During the tour. I'm front and center for 1 and 2nd row center! I can't complain!!! And that's because I am a paying fan club member. Just curious about how that could have happened for nye
  • bluesuedeshoe  Adjusted seating prior to show, adjusted ticket prices, etc., are SOP on a large arena national tour. They want to fill the seats. Also, tickets go back to the pool if the prior purchaser's financials fall through. Probably why the process is so heart pounding for us, you want a decent seat when the band comes to town. Love your description, brings back memories. Lots of folks team up in the presale, multi cellphone connections along with every computer device they have open to the ticket searching process. A hitch in the process today is paperless, which means you need to show up with the credit card payer to get in, but so long as everyone gets there early, circumventable.