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  • elizabethshields  kid this is corey allen prather McQueen McCoy I am needing the people that tried to kill me years ago have two houses from me said they they would kill you and me or any one you bring im back in Nicholas county Kentucky go to rupparena in Lexington go down the hill follow it through till you hit Nicholas county when you get here there will be southern states across the street is a red church turn there im the second street on the left with a yellow window love you brother always corey allen mc queen mc coy
  • uberfan  triple dog dare you,What are you in high School? you are a fuc n loser.Just admite it you are a crazy nut that lives in a half way house and has to have his ars wiped.
  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • rubesredlady  I love kid rock
  • denaelizabeth  Where do I find pre sale code for hinckley, mn The fan club post is outdated says if I join I can get 2015 pre sale tour pre sale and little Caesars
  • ffinlayson  same here.where do I find the pre sale code for a member and haven't recived a code eather.little help please!
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  • gwennerrocks  I also joined today! Hoping for presale code for Hinckley as well!
  • ffinlayson  same here,whats the pre sale code for hinkley?just gives me summer 2015 tour?
  • danaroks  email:
  • JohnR197AmericanCitizen  A reminder to all...this blog was posted a month ago & I have worked very hard to make things right since it's posting. John
  • TammyRay  top comment from Sarah says it all..Hope everyone can abide...
  • JohnR197AmericanCitizen  No TammyRay: The top comment from Sarah does not say it all. As I said in my prior comment I have worked very hard to make things right since (this blogs) posting.