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  • vicandvic  @cjkulda I am having the same problem any help?
  • lisa_mc  me too :(
  • kupco  Trying to get tix for Atlantic City but none of the codes worked. Wanted to surprise my wife for the 10/20 show but no luck. Can anyone help me before it sells out
  • uberfan  walg79 you are Awesome Fans,Thank you... kicscott2018
  • uberfan  YA U KNOW WHO IS GONE,,,It was a long hard fight,,,,,you are welcome...
  • uberfan  If ya want the codes ,,,the only thing you are here for then get them then leave........
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  • OfficialJohnRichcreek  apr 19 vote- this is my only active account (officialjohnrichcreek) If you think I should delete my account type delete. If not, type don't delete. VOTING ENDS AT 10PM CST TODAY (Apr 19) I will do what the vote says!
  • OfficialJohnRichcreek  here's my vote- DON'T DELETE
  • uberfan  You just get off on having someone post anything on your post,,,You have proved that you lie,You dont are a are so insane you don'r remember you said you would leave...I am done writing on your post..From now on all your post will be blank....
  • uberfan  Why do you care to stick your nose into something that is none of your business..You were gone and NOT supposed to come back..Is your life so dull and meaningless you have to come back and try to ruin our's?You make meaningless promises saying you are leaving and wont comeback..Are you so crazy that you forgot our agreement.How many times have you told everyone you were going after this vlog or after this message if nobody answers. That means your word is SHIT....Dont post anything about ROX anymore ,,You are a evil person.GO AWAY
  • katflashfever20005  take this mfer down John...your calling a close friend of ROX a awful name totally not deserving DELETE THIS MFER !
  • bacamzb  I'm with Kat! You need to DELETE them all. You are so Disrespectful!!!
  • ThisAccountDeletedByJOHNR  Note to public: I have deleted the account I built this blog with. I apologize for posting it. Did not mean any disrespect to anyone. Please look at this from my perspective. For 4 or 5 days people were posting comments on this site asking if there was a church or funeral home whre condolences could be sent and no one would ever answer. I realize people have a right to privacy but when the only thing I hear about something like this is through Facebook, I'm sorry, but I question it. If I did offend anyone I am truly sorry. Again, my perspective is that around where I live when someone passes away there is usally (at the very least) an announcement that says arrangements will be made later. Poor judgment on my part, I agree. john