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  • SquirrelTelephone6626643698  OPEN NOTE TO PUBLIC + KID ROCK STAFF: ---- As I say in my comment above & below. If the Kid Rock staff wants to delete my 5 comments from today (Mar 30) I respect that decision.But truth be told I would prefer a since (and I mean sincere) apology from the staff for positing this blog today as it directly contradicts my clients claims in his last comment of the "GRILL" blog. No one is speaking up on this yet but I have a feeling I am not the only one who feels an apology from staff (ON THIS PARTICULAR MESSAGE BOARD) is the right thing to happen at this time. But if they don't want to apologize they certainly have the right not to. Will Squirrel Massey
  • SquirrelTelephone6626643698   THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY: ---- I had hoped to have conversation with Kid Rock fans but after today I just have to step away from this blog. If the site wants to delete my comments that's fine. Life goes on. Richcreek posted his last comment in the "GRILL" blog yesterday which I encourage everyone to read so they can understand my frustration. LET ME ADD 3 THINGS: THE GOOD: ---- The good is that all of Richcreek's comments are still posted in the "GRILL" blog. THE BAD ---- The bad is that this blog "Rest in peace Donnie Kruse" blog makes Richcreek's last comment in the "GRILL" blog look bad. THE UGLY: ---- The ugly is that I'm even having to type these comments today. Yes, it is a tragedy to lose a friend or a loved one. I COULD NEVER STATE THAT CLEAR ENOUGH. But... it is also a tragedy to have someone like Richcreek trying to to positive things in the "GRILL" blog & getting no cooperation. I will say no more!
  • SquirrelTelephone6626643698  My last post in this blog/ March 30, 2017 12:50 pm cst/ (everyone please copy & paste statement below back into blog) ---- If anyone agrees with what I am saying in my 5 comments from today please copy & paste the following back into this blog: I SUPPORT SQUIRREL'S 5 COMMENT FROM THIS BLOG. GOD BLESS THE FAMILY & FRIENDS OF DONNIE KRUSE. BUT...RIGHT IS RIGHT. WRONG IS WRONG. SO TO THE KIDROCK.COM STAFF PLEASE DELETE THIS MOTHER FUCKING BLOG. ----
  • bluesuedeshoe  Second that request, L! Thanks for making it.
  • twiggot  Please tell me there is going to be a FishFry this year!
  • beckxy  @twiggot they posted info on the 2nd annual Fish Fry last June... so maybe you'll hear something around that time.