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  • uberfan  triple dog dare you,What are you in high School? you are a fuc n loser.Just admite it you are a crazy nut that lives in a half way house and has to have his ars wiped.
  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • tracytegg  I also paid the $15 for the code but was unable to use it. BIG Bummmer. I hope that the $15 goes to a good cause. Was really looking forward to going to the show
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  • TammyRay  oh and in case you're wondering the video is The Moonshine Bandits "American Pride"
  • uberfan  Never heard them but I loved it! I wasn't sold but then they busted into a Rap and I turned it up and went crazy..My wife wasn't happy because it was full volume but as it went along she got into it and she liked it.Thank u TR,,,, :)
  • TammyRay  glad you both liked it-check out the other Moonshine Bandits video link I posted.. that ones good turned up loud too, lol
  • TammyRay  click the delete button to the right of your name-Sarah will take care of it for you-she's got that delete process down like no-body's business,lol!!
  • uberfan  If not its ok we all have done the same thing so you are fine :)
  • TammyRay  exactly uber, I was going to say the same thing.
  • TammyRay  ok dumb question here from me. how do I post a video that actually shows the video and not just the link??
  • rox  When I post video i click the video link,copy paste the URL.And walla.Dont know if that helps you any.
  • TammyRay  hmm, I did copy and paste..must just be me,lol!! thanks Rox
  • katflashfever20005  its HUMPMN54
  • joyfuljennyb  LMAO!! Good morning....thanks for making me laugh first thing....a laugh is a great way to start the morning.....ummm well ONE of the great ways 😀😇😈
  • rox  LOL@kat.....Anytime Joy......and yes ONE of TWO great ways.Have a great weekend ladies.
  • TammyRay  good for you Tina-I have no doubt you will have an amazing time and you just might walk away with a new Kid Rock friend for life, it wouldn't be the first time that's happened..take pictures and share with us,please-oh and close ups of his belt buckle are very appreciated here,hehehe....
  • uberfan  TINA 3401,,,You got that from TammyRay,She is a LONG TIME Kid Rock Fan that you can always find in the crowd,lol.I say she is our fan REP,,And when she says you will have an amazing time you can bet you Will have your KID ROCK Socks Rocked off.....O and killer seats by the way.......
  • joyfuljennyb  Tina...I'm going too :) I bought 2 tickets just in case one of my boys wants to go, otherwise I will probably be solo too! People ask me you don't mind going alone?? HELL NO!! I'm going solo on the cruise and I can't wait to have a vacation all to myself to so whatever I want!