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  • uberfan  triple dog dare you,What are you in high School? you are a fuc n loser.Just admite it you are a crazy nut that lives in a half way house and has to have his ars wiped.
  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • tracytegg  I also paid the $15 for the code but was unable to use it. BIG Bummmer. I hope that the $15 goes to a good cause. Was really looking forward to going to the show
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  • uberfan  HE HE
  • MrDetroit  lol-nice
  • uberfan  Caught a ricochet from a friends the shoulder.just one of those things.made a clean exit but burned like a beeyatch..Some on the fly first aid to plug two holes and I am good.Aint the first time Ive been shot.Just another in out hole to talk about but dang that one BURNED........ !
  • TammyRay  still holds true-last month, last week and tonight!!
  • JohnJRichcreekUSA  In response to above comment by TammyRay: ---- I am not saying this blog doesn't hold true because it's old. I'm saying it doesn't hold true because it doesn't hold true. The part I am talking about is the top comment from Miss Moore where she said she didn't want me to post anymore. I worked hard to make that situation right. But.... ---- As far as the blog itself there is NO WHERE in this blog where it says that a "Meet & Greet" cannot be on the "Fan Club" site. It just says there is "no such thing as an "unofficial" meet & greet". I think I have proven (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that if I post a "Meet & Greet" CONTEST BLOG & the moderator doesn't delete's official. But your comment comes across like you are saying my blogs are "null & void". That's just not the case.
  • JohnJRichcreekUSA  Probably my last comment of this blog: ---- Open note to TammyRay: ---- You really need to read the 3 comments in my "Meet & Greet" contest blog. ESPECIALLY THE 2nd & 3rd comment down from the top. If you are talking people out of participating in that contest that would be a shame. Open note to Uberfan: ---- In your comment above that starts off TammyRay you say "I won't be posting after John". Hey you can post anytime you want. I don't own this site. I just act like I do.
  • uberfan  If not its ok we all have done the same thing so you are fine :)
  • TammyRay  exactly uber, I was going to say the same thing.
  • joyfuljennyb it off. Thanks guys
  • TammyRay  Tina and Joy- set up a time and a spot and meet up, if for nothing more than a quick hello and a pic to share here on the site-but I'm pretty sure y'all will find something in common to talk and laugh about... Blessings~
  • uberfan  joyfuljennyb--Like T said,At a KID ROCK SHOW U ARE NEVER ALONE !
  • joyfuljennyb  Tina, that would be great if you want to meet up? I don't think I'm staying up there, but as I'm writing this my son just left for a bachelor party at Mystic, maybe I'll have to hit the slots.
  • uberfan  Never heard them but I loved it! I wasn't sold but then they busted into a Rap and I turned it up and went crazy..My wife wasn't happy because it was full volume but as it went along she got into it and she liked it.Thank u TR,,,, :)
  • TammyRay  glad you both liked it-check out the other Moonshine Bandits video link I posted.. that ones good turned up loud too, lol
  • uberfan  OK T