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  • vicandvic  @cjkulda I am having the same problem any help?
  • lisa_mc  me too :(
  • kupco  Trying to get tix for Atlantic City but none of the codes worked. Wanted to surprise my wife for the 10/20 show but no luck. Can anyone help me before it sells out
  • uberfan  walg79 you are Awesome Fans,Thank you... kicscott2018
  • uberfan  YA U KNOW WHO IS GONE,,,It was a long hard fight,,,,,you are welcome...
  • uberfan  If ya want the codes ,,,the only thing you are here for then get them then leave........
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  • ThisAccountHasBeenDeleted  April 18 I am done playing paddy-cake comment above:
  • ThisAccountHasBeenDeleted  Apr 18 last call- If you guys want Kid Rock to play placesl ike (LITTLE ROCK) Arkansas, (Lafayette) (Baton Rouge) (New Orleans) Louisiana, (Memphis) (Nashville) Tennessee, (Jackson) (Biloxi) Mississippi, (Huntsville, Birmingham) Alabama this year then you need to start showing this VLOG some respect before the day is up.
  • ThisAccountHasBeenDeleted  hey folks- read above comment close john/apr 18 IF THIS VLOG IS NOT GETTING PROPER RESPECT BY END OF DAY I AM DELETING MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT
  • uberfan  you know my name is rock,,,,KID is the name.
  • uberfan  Remember where ever you Go, that's where you are......