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  • Ajay  Loving the new KID ROCK sounds and music...might be in NASHVILLE tomorrow to see Steve Earle...we see. Might have to find Santa's Pub and have some FUN!!!!
  • sixthgear03  Fuckin love it. No get your ass to Florida!
  • jenniekor  Can not wait to see you in August! MN ROCKS KID ROCK! Love ya' man!
  • John_197  RULES TO WIN: - Kid Rock Meet & Greet contest- ---- The first 75 members of the "Fan Club" (with either paid or free memberships) who type the word "yippee" (not case sensitive) in this blog win (2) meet & greet passes to the 2017 or 2018 Kid Rock show of your choice. Notification of winning: All winners will be notified IN THIS BLOG by site moderator Sarah Moore (Screen name: SMoore6/email: within 60 days of winning post. / Winners of contest (along with their guest) may bring (2) items each for Kid to sign. / Winners of contest must bring own camera for pictures. / Sincerely, John_197
  • John_197  Open Note to public (regarding Kid Rock Meet & Greet Contest) The 2017 Kid Rock Meet & Greet contest is in this blog. It's not on Facebook. It's not on Facebook Live. It's not on Snapchat or Twitter. It's not on KIK. It's not on Instagram. It's on this site ( & it's in the comments area of this blog. JUST WANTED TO MAKE THAT CLEAR.
  • John_197  Open note to Uberfan: ---- You are still welcome to enter the meet & greet contest (in this blog) but starting today everyone has to spell Yippee correctly. That's Y...I....P....P....E...E. Open note to public: ---- For KID ROCK MEET & GREET CONTEST RULES JUST LOOK FOR MY COMMENT THAT SAYS "RULES TO WIN". Good luck Rebel Soldiers. John_197
  • Ajay  Is all good with this critter dog???
  • rocksavedmysoul  She is doing well. It's hard to stop her from jumping and running around. She is tearing up a paper towel roll as I type this. Has a bit of swelling but that is normal. The pain meds at night make her kinda Zombie like but the vet still wants her on them so she will sleep. Thanks for asking.
  • sixthgear03  And I had to quit drinking, shit!