Good times, good fiends, AMAZING concert

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  • SMoore6 Great pic!
  • sandraromps Great Concert. We'll be going to The 3rd annual FishFry.. Twas Awesome
  • kristymcneilly we was there and it was nothing but a good time!

definitely wasn't this weekend...had a few severe heart palpulations...called the nurse advisors and during the questionare...the nurse narrowed down it was a vitamin I was taking...

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  • katflashfever2000 she had awful things to say about it. the house was in repair that is for sure..she bulldozed the house,the barn, most the outbuildings my aunt marlene droveup about a year ago she said and she said "you wouldn't even recognise the place..I said thank god I didn't..myclassmate is now wearing it like a badge of's ok it was never gonna be MINE in the first place and I will get over it..eventually. Ilearned young never to attach to a place only good people. and the bad ones ya kick to the curb.
  • katflashfever2000 Candy could of asked any one of us other girls for help if it was getting too much and we would sell a house WITH CONTENTS is beyond belief . Candy appolgised and I for the most part let it go..she however has asked for copies of photos and they are not gonna see her hands...why yes the classmate that bought the place burned photo albums too. that Candy girl was careless .
  • katflashfever2000 gotta listen to Willie Nelson hes very wise...


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Turn on Fox 2. Larry is on right now!

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  • rocksavedmysoul oops, channel 4 WDIV. Sorry. I forgot Jason Carr moved to channel 4.

No Crampers allowed-

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