Good times, good fiends, AMAZING concert

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  • SMoore6 Great pic!
  • sandraromps Great Concert. We'll be going to The 3rd annual FishFry.. Twas Awesome
  • kristymcneilly we was there and it was nothing but a good time!

SINCE there isn't the ask Kidrock on here anymore carry it around and next concert you see me know the one...can I wear the ring on your ring finger? not the class ring...the other one?

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  • katflashfever2000 I THINK I'm the FIRST GAL to notice it and this photo has been AROUND a TIME or TWO...give the jewelry Gal a the TRACK POSITION of that there RING...
  • katflashfever2000 I PROMISE to Give it back to ya..never Seen a diamond that big before. Hope Has but I haven't...the stone looks old european cut..PURE CLASS love the Vintage diamondcuts...
  • katflashfever2000 (.^)%~

Who remembers?

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  • rox Always The knob.

My Happy Place

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  • rocksavedmysoul Luv him and TBT. I miss them. It's going to be hard to miss the boat this year.
  • rox YEP.I sure miss my happy place.....
  • rox The boat used to be my happy place

Prince Loved a few "Cats" but none of them more than Callie

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  • katflashfever2000 He I am most certain had a recycled soul. that loved his privacy I think maybe not as much as I do. but if you gave him time to assess a situation the most amasing reactions came forward. He had some hard times as young as I had and I think it makes your soul open up to others in thier times of dire need. this has been a year april won't be sad...hes taking care of somebody in heaven I just know Roger would. what he didn'thave in height he made up in heart. ROBERT if you ever say You are homely again I am gonna crack ya..its like you saying I cannot make a valid assessment on attractiveness. hey I know a UGLY man when I hear one... ;)
  • MrDetroit I love pussy.........cats-
  • rocksavedmysoul Robert has "it"...pied piper of women...

definitely wasn't this weekend...had a few severe heart palpulations...called the nurse advisors and during the questionare...the nurse narrowed down it was a vitamin I was taking...

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  • beckxy wow, a vitamin?? God bless you Kat, hope all is well and that you start feeling better. My mom's been a trooper with all the heart stuff she has going on. I've seen her deterioate to where now she can't even walk a half of block without getting out of breath so I've taken over just about everything for her and my dad, the running for groceries, meds, docs appts, I go in once a week to help out with chores.. the laundry, dishes, trash. I'm fairly new at the caretaker role.. and knew it was coming as a fulltime thing... but this, I believe, as God's will, was my calling.. and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • MrDetroit Im chillin' more than 99% of the human population-
  • rox Its menopause!!!..........Signed Nurse Roxy


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