Kid Rock & Bob Seger, Pine Knob 8/20/13. A throwback Thursday!

  • MargoC You're welcome, Val. I hope so also, TammyRay!
  • krsval If they do something together at Little Caesars Arena, then I will forgive Seger for not going back to Pine Knob for his upcoming show announcement. I still think most ppl would rather see Seger in the magical venue Pine Knob and relive the glory he created there. But not complaining.
  • rocksavedmysoul I feel the same way Val. So glad we have tickets. Thank you again. Val and I were on the phone when she got them. She was so frickin' funny. She had been trying for over an hour and then I tried at that point (I was unable to log on at 10). She ended up getting them. I won't give her secret but she is absolutely hilarious to talk to when she is getting tickets!

SOUNDGARDEN *BLACK HOLE SUN* live in DETROIT SOLD OUT Fox Theatre 5/17/2017 -Cornell Hung Himself in

  • TammyRay very sad pain is deep enough for one to take their own life. prayers for his family and friends for understanding and healing.
  • katflashfever20005 thanks mr detroit
  • hkoehler121130 Thanks for sharing so sad One hell of a singer RIP Chris Cornell

Vika Konvisar - AC/DC Touch Too Much

  • MrDetroit Dam Sam can I get a lap dance or what???
  • rox Such a great song!
  • rox Such a great body