Kid Rock - New Years "First Kiss" Teaser

  • paigevincent Love it already!!!
  • Kidrockrulz Still cant believe we made it on the video! All the way from downunder :)

Kid Rock "Best Night Ever" Tour Update

  • sarahbellabutterfly77 So Grateful for you, all that BS has kept me away from shows for some years now, I miss what its really all about. Peace & Love
  • melissabotelho35 You are such a kind and stand up guy! I hope Dixie is doing well.
  • jackieavery67 I saw you In Raleigh and hope to see you again soon. I have roots in Detroit and your so REAL a dream would be meet you and look in your eyes. God bless you for being the great man you are. Your music is my motivation on many days.

Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • brendamariesmith74 There is a fake Robert Richie facebook account. This person is giving Kid Rock a bad name. Because he is soliciting women on line. I reported to facebook. They said it was not fake. I also reported it to the FBI. I hate facebook!
  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird Hey Uber. All is well here in Detroit and I hope the same can be said for you over there on the West Coast. Long time no see, Kat. Yeah, Mother-in-laws. You can't live with them and you certainly can't kill them....but divorce, that can do the trick ;-) And I hope all is good with you as well, Mrs. Kat. Have a great upcoming Halloween weekend & stay out of trouble, you two. 🎃 -XO
  • gincollum I also got the fake con artist on Facebook he goes by Robert James and Robert Ritchie ..He tried hard to prove he was the kid ..sent a fake passport with kidrock and gave me a phone number.. I reported to fb nothing happened ..but this person is creepy..and needs to be stopped