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  • MsBehavin  I am out. i tried to shut down a serious JA and got asked if i was serious. OF COURSE I WAS. Leave Our Country and leave our website. Go home.Forge your own path
  • uberfan  DIG IT
  • charday68  want that elfin door bell!!! lol. LOVE my KID!!!
  • detroit_david_3_one_3  I can't stop playing this video- REPEAT- The energy is UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 313
  • detroit_david_3_one_3  Man why do I LOVE TRILER TRASH WOMEN SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I swear some of these chics do it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Ajay  You know I remember being on the boat and hearing part of these lyrics... long before this came out. Honestly I remember exactly where I was
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  • MsBehavin  Where did this post come from? LMAO
  • crazyassmoma  #Tom Petty on the radio.. YOLO MR KR #tempusfugit
  • angelsflyn2close2theground  
  • amitgupta10294
  • detroit_david_3_one_3  The 1st time I drank shine.... let's just say it ended up across the room after it hit my throat-
  • natali67
  • sarahbellabutterfly77  I played this video for my father the other day, so us, check out 5 ACES car club, we just got a new dog, 'FRANK', makin' him a badass leather collar, Love you kid you sexy ass
  • debrice58  I've loved Bocephus for a long time, but him and Rock....Goood Lord! Makes me want to strip!
  • pammyj3  KidRock"Bobby" will move 2 Mich 2 b close 2 u Love ya
  • 1BBScornedLoverOctpus405  This song is in the movie - Into the Storm
  • tracigracey  Woo hoo!!! Hell yeah I love this song! I own all your CD's and every single one of them is so relatable and real!!! Don't change a thing!