Best of Chillin' The Most 8

  • LeannaLea  Doug E Fresh was so awesome!! Favorite part was him teaching us how to dougie.
  • LeannaLea  The Struts were amazing. Thanks for introducing us to another amazing band. I'm going to see them in May!
  • baileychiro1  Loved the new bands this year!! The Struts put on one hell of a show!!
  • baileychiro1  Favorite new band from the boat this year!! Really enjoyed their music and hanging out with them!! Had so much fun at their shows especially last night dancing on stage during last song!! Great group of guys!!
  • tiger_tiger_woods  Haha- I got banged up in 2012 & the girl on the far was my Doctor at Oakwood -Also went to H.S with her- nice
  • tink19727  shhhh!
  • tink19727
  • JoBabs_69  Travis! Bishop Gunn will be breaking thru to another level in 2018!
  • uberfan  oN a boAt mOtHeRfUc kEr
  • phyllisturnbo1962  I climbed a baracade to get one of those big beach balls...brought it home with me. Yeah...I have big balls...
  • charlotteposey64  Number one... Yes hott, you can look hot,and be cold as a cucumber. Man,get ducks in a row,and go for the ugly ducklin,turns into a swan.. Life lesson riff...
  • debmcnichols22  Did you loose way to early ?? Audrey looks very happy at this point she must be winning!!!!
  • tinapeomroy9  Was in the casino every night. How did I miss this??