Chillin' The Most 5

  • terihaning  Such an amazing team of musicians, how did you ever find one another, this is rare, I seen your show 15 years ago, I love how your music has come from one side to another, I love it all, I have been very ill for 5 years with brain surgerys, each time I go I play a greatest hits cd, crank it and sing as loud as I can, makes me happy and not so afraid, Thanks, much love, Teri Haning
  • thepoet  I hear sound when I see this pic, "Lahhhuh! Yeah! Hahahaha mmmhhmm yeah rock on bitches!"
  • BethSimmons  What an awesome vacation! It's hard to beat this moment if you're a kid rock fan.
  • benitalolita  I really wish I could go on this cruise,,, but can't get a one passenger fee... 2,011 Nope I'll see u in TX
  • benitalolita  y don't u ck on me? Bob
  • BethSimmons  Amazing time. I loved the nighttime concert.
  • BethSimmons  Amazing time. I loved the nighttime concert.
  • becklyn37  I can't wait to see you on my birthday in Columbus. Bucket list type shit! Fan for life!
  • yvonne1966  I don't see my Grandpa jumping like that :-) lol But.. respect for still doing that.. at your age.. :-p
  • kb007  Great shot!
  • stardustone  I can see clearly now what i got myself into ...
  • katoux1222  Ahahah il saute en tabarnouche c rocker loll good job kid 😊👍😎✌🎶❤
  • mrscedarmichigan  look at stef's smile... wonder if he was making faces at her, or
  • kb007  I love that Stefanie was rocking the "I Pooped Today Shirts" that were being sold in Key West.
  • p75309  Love me some kid rock. See us in gulfport 's. Faint wait
  • p75309  Love me some kid rock. See u in gulfport ms