7/16/14 - House of Blues, Sunset Strip

  • rgbrodkin  Went to the show and it was amazing!! Kid Rock is a amazing man and always giving back!! :-)
  • csdnldmcd33  wow, what a sexy shot! The day b4 my birthday, you forgot me Kid.. love ya man. I live near Tampa, fl. Dont forget me, b4 the "Sweet Home Alabama Fest!!" :) travel safe, honey :) 727-233-2861.Ms. M. Christine
  • tiger_tiger_woods  Love the sign to the far left- lmao
  • deletedd  the greatest people inside my radio.. enjoyed many many years of fantastic shows, yall add a lil sparkle to our lives.. lovin the Kid Rock and TBT forever :)
  • jfraise  this woman is amazing. I missed her name. going to google. : )
  • deletedd  Stacey Michelle (I could have the spelling off) Yea.. love her voice.