Hank Williams Jr. talks Kid Rock in MLive Interview
August 10, 2014

Hank Williams Jr. sat down with MLive to talk music, family, and his friendship with Kid Rock. Below is a selection from the interview: 

Kid Rock is from Detroit and is an avid supporter of the city. How would you describe your relationship with him and how it has grown over the years? 

Well, Bobby and I are really close. He and his family are just like family to me. It all started years ago when my manager Merle Kilgore got a call about Bobby coming to one of our shows. When we met on the bus, I was shocked at how many songs of mine that he knew. Then we ended up doing a "CMT Crossroads" special and our friendship became stronger and stronger. We now both own several hundred acres across the road from each other in Alabama, and we both have places down in Florida.

What’s it like hunting with Kid Rock? What have you learned about him as you spend time with him in settings that don’t have anything to do with music?

We love to hunt and fish and just have good times without talking about the music business.

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