June 16, 2024
Happy Fathers Day

As a bar owner, and having spoke to a few other bar / restaurant owners, this is HUGE! Most small buisness’s have all had challenges in staffing. This will solve so many problems for so many hard working Americans! Trump is a genius and for the working class! Biden is straight Hollywood!  Happy Fathers Day - Kid Rock

Trump says, "No Tax On Tips"

May 26, 2024
Kid Rock's Rock-N-Rodeo airs on CBS today!

Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo airs on CBS today (12pm EST)….I thought for sure the powers that be would try to cancel it airing. Maybe, and HOPEFULLY, this is a sign EVERYONE has had enough of this PC, woke, DEI, everyone gets a trophy, cancel culture world some have tried to force feed us over the past several years. I am so proud of this Rodeo. In my opinion it is the last non woke sporting event that celebrates America and her greatness, a sport where men and women compete together on teams, and not because of some kind of inclusion thing, but because they are the best at what they do! Nothing cooler than cowboys and cowgirls in my opinion. We worked our tails off to make this event happen and I know we have changed the sport of Rodeo forever, and for the better! Look forward to taking Teams Rodeo to the next level and providing sports and entertainment events like no other on earth! Enjoy! Kid Rock



April 09, 2024
R.I.P. Donna Yakes

There are some extra special people that come into your life and Donna Yakes was at the top of that list. She and her husband Tom are my son's Godparents. But Donna and her family were so much more than that. They looked after my son often (and many times myself) and made it possible for me to pursue my career, especially in the early days, when I was making very little money, playing small clubs and working on music as much as possible. Donna had a heart of gold and was the ultimate homemaker and nurturer. I will forever be indebted to her and her family and will FOREVER cherish her smile, her laugh, her pranks, her cooking, our gatherings and always being there for us. I know there is a special place in heaven for people like her. Rest in peace Donna, I love you with all my heart. Bob Ritchie / Kid Rock. 


Donna Yakes' obituary

February 16, 2024
R.I.P. Bill Ritchie Sr.

My Dad, Bill Ritchie Sr, moved on to be with Jesus yesterday. He was an incredible father, grandfather, great grandfather, and so much more, none shy of being quite the character! Thank you for your condolences in advance. God Bless you and I love you Pop! Bob Ritchie

"Drinking Beer With Dad"

November 13, 2023

7 Small Towns - 7 Massive Shows

Jason Aldean and Kid Rock Headlining ALL Shows!


Presale: Thursday, November 16th 10am - 10pm local time.

(Can sign up for the presale at http;//


On Sale: Friday, November 17th at 10am local time

October 27, 2023
Kid Rock's Rock N' Roll Rodeo

Kid Rock’s Rock N’ Roll Rodeo will debut on May 17, 2024 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, preceding the PBR World Finals Championship on May 18-19, also held at the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

The reimagined rodeo will feature a Team format with six teams competing in bracket-style competition featuring Kid Rock live in concert, playing all his hits and more. 

To purchase the single day ticket for Kid Rock's Rock & Roll Rodeo 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the SINGLE-DAY PRESALE button within the Kid Rock’s Rock N’ Roll Rodeo listing
  3. Enter code COWBOY to unlock the presale

May 12, 2023
The 2nd Annual American Bad Ass Comedy Jam was a huge success!
Thank you to everyone who performed, organized, and attended The 2nd Annual American Bad Ass Comedy Jam at The Ryman here in Nashville! We raised just over $87,000 dollars for the Kid Rock Foundation. Every dime of that will be split between those affected by the Covenant school shooting in Nashville and the soldier's families of the recent blackhawk helicopters that went down out of Ft. Campbell. If anyone else would like to donate, the links are below. God bless. -Kid Rock
Fort Campbell Historical Foundation (The Carl Ferrazza Fund)

March 10, 2023
Tickets on sale NOW!

Tickets for ALL shows are on sale NOW!

Austin, TX - June 23rd w/Chris Janson
Fort Worth, TX - June 24th w/ Marcus King
Nashville, TN - July 1st & July 8th w/Travis Tritt
Detroit, MI - July 14th & 15th w/ Grand Funk Railroad

March 07, 2023
Kid Rock Adds 2nd show in Nashville and Detroit



Tickets For New Dates Available Starting On Wednesday, March 8 with Artist Presale Code: KIDROCK23



SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2023 +





  FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2023 +

  SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2023



General OnSale Starting On Friday, March 10 at 10 AM at


March 06, 2023
R.I.P. Gary Rossington
I was in LA after I recorded All Summer Long and heard my old friend Gary and a bunch of the other Skynrd band and crew were hanging at The Sunset Marquis. I went there and played it for them and they all gave me there blessing and support to release it, especially Gary…Heck, Billy Powell even agreed to play piano on it, which he did! So many great memories with Gary. One of the best to ever do it and a wonderful man. My prayers go out to Dale, his family and of course the band and all his friends. RIP Gary, your music and soul will rock on for eternity. -Kid Rock

March 06, 2023
Kid Rock announces four 2023 Arena Dates



Tickets Available Starting Tuesday March 7 with Artist Presale

General OnSale Starting Friday March 10 at 10 AM Local Time on

February 08, 2023
No Limits

Fueled by 808 has shared a brand new single with Kid Rock, Austin Mahone, and Jimmie Allen. Produced by acclaimed songwriter, DJ, and businessman, Fueled by 808 (pseudonym for Grammy Award Winning producer Jim Jonsin), “No Limits” is a high octane song that will serve as the first single from his compilation project.

October 28, 2022
Rest in Peace Jerry Lee

I will FOREVER cherish my time with Jerry Lee on and off the stage. No question one of the best to ever do it and one of the godfathers and architects of rock n roll. Your music will always live through me, and the rest of the world! Rest in peace and Rock on Killer!! - Kid Rock

October 04, 2022
RIP Miss Loretta
RIP Miss Loretta. I find it very difficult to put your beautiful soul, talent and friendship into words right now... so I will use the ones you said to me and so many others, so many times…”I love you honey”
- Kid Rock

September 23, 2022
The Asset Mindset
Dan is not only a 100% red-blooded, tried and true patriot, he is a trusted friend. I would not only ask you to support this book he wrote himself, with no publisher or outside influence; I will TELL YOU, it may change the path you're on for the better. Thank you for your service Dan. God Bless America. -Kid Rock
No more excuses! It's an AUDIOBOOK!
You can listen anytime and anywhere!
It’s time to start making the changes you want!

May 23, 2022
Thank You!
I think some of the best shows and best crowds we have ever had this weekend in Louisville and Nashville! 
We busted our asses putting this tour together and if its the last one for the unforeseen future, it is gonna be a great one! THANK-YOU to the band, crew and FANS!  Kid Rock

May 02, 2022
This is kind of funny so i will chime in…
This is kind of funny so i will chime in….First off, I like a lot of Bruce’s music and respect him as a singer and songwriter. Not a fan of his politics, I am sure that feeling is mutual, but I also respect everyone’s right to their opinion and beliefs. Of course shit for brains and hater media outlets like TMZ like to try and report numbers and shit that don’t add up if you do the real math. Let me explain. I caught the tail end of when people actually bought records, cassettes and cd’s, then in went to Napster, now it is streaming and listening free on sites like youtube. Most of the boss’s career when he was hot, was in the age when people bought lots of records, so the record sales numbers are incomparable. I also have said many times that yes I have tickled a few balls in this business to get where I am at but have never inserted penis in mouth!! - Bruce has and still does - no offense, just fact. I have been very vocal from day one that I couldn't care less about radio and awards — both are games you have to play, kiss rings and suck dicks to be a part of — I said fuck em both years ago — I am about the fans and the fans only. I am in no way the best singer or songwriter in the world, but I can hold my own with the best of them, and have many times. My current tour is on fire and most shows sold out after being in this biz for over 30yrs. Anyone who has seen me live will tell you I am the BEST entertainer alive, hands down, and that is a fact. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself. That is my truth. Rock on Bruce. Kid Rock
PS, All Summer Long was #1 in a bunch of countries around the world but I refused to kiss the ass of some program director in LA so it only made it to #2 in the USA…Which I am proud of the fact that I never kissed anyones ass to have a number one song, and thats the real reason why I do not have any…I actually said something on air to Ryan Seacrest like I slept with the program directors wife or something funny just to keep the song from going number 1!!😂…Homie don’t play that shit my friends!! #keepitreal

March 05, 2022
RIP Legend

Very saddened to hear the passing of my friend Shane Warne. The short time we spent together and the round of golf we played while on tour in Australia will be cherished memories forever. He was such a kind, fun and great man. RIP Legend. Kid Rock


February 07, 2022
More Music and Videos Coming soon!
Shot 3 videos last Friday!! “We The People” “Never Quit” and a very special, kick ass, hip hop tune “Shakedown" I did w my son Bobby Jr - PKA Robert James... Thanks to all who sent in videos for "We The People" and who got wild for the cameras at my honky tonk! More music and videos coming soon and the Bad Reputation album is slated to be released before the Bad Reputation tour kicks off in early April. Rehearsals and production are already under way! - Kid Rock 

January 17, 2022
Happy Birthday Bob
Happy Birthday Bob...Here we can see a young Kid Rock (circa 1976) as he starts his descent in to not giving a frogs fat ass….😂 
(Sent from my best friend this am…so funny, I had to share)
- Thank you for all the well wishes. Kid Rock

January 06, 2022
God Bless you Hitman!!
Detroit till' i die!! God Bless you Hitman!! Thanks for the boxing tips and being such a great friend for so many years!! Kid Rock

December 30, 2021
What up Canada!!
What up Canada!! Ain’t nobody gonna tell US how to live!! God Bless - Kid Rock 

December 20, 2021

Here is a song I cut for my Bama peeps and those who like to rock in general! We thought it was timely to release it before the big game. Def some tailgate music for those who don’t mind a few F bombs! 😜  Much more music, of all different styles, to follow next year! Roll Tide and Merry Christmas - Kid Rock

Listen Here:


November 01, 2021
Michael Ray - Higher Education

So much fun gettin’ down with my friends Micheal Ray, Tim Montana, Lee Brice and my rock n roll papa Mr. Billy F. Gibbons. Congrats on a great song Micheal, thanks for havin’ my not so politically correct ass on it. I hope it's a big ole’ hit for ya!  -Kid Rock

October 18, 2021
Last Shows of the Year!

Had my last 2 shows of the year this weekend in Nevada. Both nights sold out and the crowds were some of the best ever! So much fun! Thank you to all who came out and I hope you had as much fun as me and the band. Here is a link to my old friend Leroys song about Reno, enjoy!! Kid Rock

August 26, 2021
Billy Bob's Shows This Weekend
I am pissed. Over half the band has fucking covid (not me), and before u shit for brains bloggers and media trolls run your mouths, many of them, like me, have been vaccinated. I was gonna come and rock the house anyway, play acoustic, DJ or even just Juggle…. Deez Nutz!! - or at least try to entertain u good folks. But seriously, shit is way out of my hands on this one. I am beyond upset and you real ones know I would never cancel if I absolutely didn’t have too. For this, I am sorry.  -Kid Rock
PS - God bless our military, especially those who lost their lives today in Afghanistan. I am way more upset about that than some stupid virus and missing a couple shows. My heart bleeds for them and their loved ones. I hope we bomb the shit out of those fucks and send a clear message…But I am worried Biden is too much of a woke pussy. Say a prayer for the fallen, count your blessings and God Bless America. 

August 25, 2021
On the road again!
On the road again! Wow, I think all who have been to the first few shows, of the only few shows we are doing this year, can testify that our community is of the strongest out there without question. Forget the media, we know the real deal. And I am so happy to have gained at least one new fan for sure after a great weekend in Texas! 😜 Rock on - Grandpa

August 09, 2021
Sturgis 2021

People have asked me many times during this pandemic if I missed the road and performing. Somedays I did, somedays I did not. Once I hit the stage last night to a packed house in Sturgis, there is no question I did. But what I missed most of all was YOU, the fans. I hope everyone had a great time, I felt the love, and thank you for that. There is nothing the mainstream media or internet and social media trolls can do but look at this pic and weep, knowing they will never beat us. Fuck them, love to you all.

-Kid Rock

July 29, 2021
Rock on Dusty

I loved Dusty Hill first as a player, singer, songwriter and performer and was privileged to also call him a friend. I will forever cherish our time on the road and on stage together. An all around tremendous human being, Texan and American. We lost another one of the greats today, but rock n roll never forgets. Rock on Dusty, Rock on. Kid Rock

March 29, 2021
22 for 22 Challenge
Monday March 29th marks the start of an effort to end a national tragedy. U.S Veterans and Active Duty Service Members are committing suicide at an alarming rate, way out of proportion with the U.S population, on average 22 per day. It has to stop! To bring awareness to the crisis we are kicking off the #22for22Challenge, a social media effort to spread the word. We are asking participants to do 22 push-ups representing each life lost, each family left behind daily. The idea is to record it, post it, and challenge others to do the same with the tag #22for22Challenge. While this is an awareness campaign we hope it will also compel participants to donate funds to two organizations already involved in the mission and assisting families of the fallen. Those being
The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project ( and Folds Of Honor ( so they may continue and expand the effort to save lives.
Why Monday March 29th? It was exactly one year ago Master SGT Christopher Andrew Barnes (US Army) became a statistic, leaving behind a devastated and confused family that felt there was no place to turn as Andy became distant. The idea to turn this family tragedy into a movement to end Veteran suicide originated with Andy's sister Leigh and kicking it off on this particular day is to honor his life and hopefully save many lives. The mission, to end this and nothing short of that is acceptable.
Robert J O’Neill You have been Challenged!!

March 10, 2021
26 yrs ago...
26 yrs ago tonight! Hard work pays! Thank you Detroit! Kid Rock

January 25, 2021
Thanks For Your Service!
Great to spend a few minutes this weekend with some of the boys. Thanks for your service!! Kid Rock

January 21, 2021
Just to be clear
Just to be clear and follow up….THESE FAR LEFT SOCIALIST LIBERALS AND MEDIA CAN DE-PROGRAM DEEZ NUTZ!!  -Everyone else, have a great weekend!   Kid Rock

January 20, 2021
God Bless America
Like many others, I was not happy with the election, the horrible pandemic or timing of it, among many other things, including the 4 years of constant attacks on Donald J. Trump (myself and his supporters) that began before he even took office.  He accomplished so much.  Nonetheless, I respect the office of the presidency and will congratulate President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris and join them in their call to unify our country and hope and pray for a better tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
God Bless America.-Kid Rock