This is kind of funny so i will chime in…
May 02, 2022

This is kind of funny so i will chime in….First off, I like a lot of Bruce’s music and respect him as a singer and songwriter. Not a fan of his politics, I am sure that feeling is mutual, but I also respect everyone’s right to their opinion and beliefs. Of course shit for brains and hater media outlets like TMZ like to try and report numbers and shit that don’t add up if you do the real math. Let me explain. I caught the tail end of when people actually bought records, cassettes and cd’s, then in went to Napster, now it is streaming and listening free on sites like youtube. Most of the boss’s career when he was hot, was in the age when people bought lots of records, so the record sales numbers are incomparable. I also have said many times that yes I have tickled a few balls in this business to get where I am at but have never inserted penis in mouth!! - Bruce has and still does - no offense, just fact. I have been very vocal from day one that I couldn't care less about radio and awards — both are games you have to play, kiss rings and suck dicks to be a part of — I said fuck em both years ago — I am about the fans and the fans only. I am in no way the best singer or songwriter in the world, but I can hold my own with the best of them, and have many times. My current tour is on fire and most shows sold out after being in this biz for over 30yrs. Anyone who has seen me live will tell you I am the BEST entertainer alive, hands down, and that is a fact. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself. That is my truth. Rock on Bruce. Kid Rock
PS, All Summer Long was #1 in a bunch of countries around the world but I refused to kiss the ass of some program director in LA so it only made it to #2 in the USA…Which I am proud of the fact that I never kissed anyones ass to have a number one song, and thats the real reason why I do not have any…I actually said something on air to Ryan Seacrest like I slept with the program directors wife or something funny just to keep the song from going number 1!!😂…Homie don’t play that shit my friends!! #keepitreal