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October 28, 2022
Rest in Peace Jerry Lee

I will FOREVER cherish my time with Jerry Lee on and off the stage. No question one of the best to ever do it and one of the godfathers and architects of rock n roll. Your music will always live through me, and the rest of the world! Rest in peace and Rock on Killer!! - Kid Rock

October 04, 2022
RIP Miss Loretta
RIP Miss Loretta. I find it very difficult to put your beautiful soul, talent and friendship into words right now... so I will use the ones you said to me and so many others, so many times…”I love you honey”
- Kid Rock
September 23, 2022
The Asset Mindset
Dan is not only a 100% red-blooded, tried and true patriot, he is a trusted friend. I would not only ask you to support this book he wrote himself, with no publisher or outside influence; I will TELL YOU, it may change the path you're on for the better. Thank you for your service Dan. God Bless America. -Kid Rock
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