Kid Rock's Rock-N-Rodeo airs on CBS today!
May 26, 2024

Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo airs on CBS today (12pm EST)….I thought for sure the powers that be would try to cancel it airing. Maybe, and HOPEFULLY, this is a sign EVERYONE has had enough of this PC, woke, DEI, everyone gets a trophy, cancel culture world some have tried to force feed us over the past several years. I am so proud of this Rodeo. In my opinion it is the last non woke sporting event that celebrates America and her greatness, a sport where men and women compete together on teams, and not because of some kind of inclusion thing, but because they are the best at what they do! Nothing cooler than cowboys and cowgirls in my opinion. We worked our tails off to make this event happen and I know we have changed the sport of Rodeo forever, and for the better! Look forward to taking Teams Rodeo to the next level and providing sports and entertainment events like no other on earth! Enjoy! Kid Rock