Happy New Year
January 03, 2018

Happy New Year!

We kicked off 2018 with quite a bang with a great sold-out show in Kansas City with my friends from Midland, and an even better crowd!  Thank you again to all who came, and I hope you had as much fun as we did.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on this year's tour. 

We also had a blast hunting in Missouri and wanted to say thank you to John Paul Morris and his family for their hospitality.  Class acts all the way!

I also wanted to start 2018 off on a positive note, hoping to influence others who have been as blessed as me, by donating 50k to The Second Harvest Food Banks of West Michigan and Middle Tennessee (25k each - the checks will go out today).  I think it is important to help others out, especially this time of year when it is cold and the holidays can be such a strain on some who are really struggling to try to make ends meet.  Please do what you can to help.  They have other locations all across America - https://secondharvestmidtn.org/  https://www.feedwm.org/tag/second-harvest/

Headed back home to Michigan to rehearse and get ready for the tour.  Stay warm if you're also in this frigid, butt clenching cold!  God Bless.  

 - Kid Rock