It was 20 years ago today!!
August 18, 2018

Devil Without a Cause was released on this day 20 years ago! Holy Shit!! 

What a ride it has been! 

To all the fans, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!  

To all the critics still talking shit…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thinking back about all the crazy times we had promoting that album whilst still in rock n roll boot camp, packed into an old RV with a Uhaul trailer making laps around the country, and especially all of the great memories with Joe C!!!

“20 years now, where’d they go? 20 years now, I don’t know…Sometimes I wonder, where they’ve gone."

Looking forward to starting the west coast run tonight in Auburn, WA!

Kid “Paw-Paw" Rock

PS: “I’m goin' platinum!!"