June 19, 2017

Shooting a video Friday in Nashville for my new song “PODUNK” and a friend of mine got this casting call emailed to her…..I have a feeling this video is gonna be awesome and its the first time in a long time I have been excited to shoot one!! Stay tuned.

- Kid Rock



CRAZY "REDNECKS": male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-65, variety of extreme character types - 'rednecks', 'hillbillies', "white trash", "people of Walmart types", all shapes & sizes - crazy, fun, characters who aren't afraid to get up to all kinds of no good and do odd off the wall activities (check out www.summerredneckgames.com for some ideas of what we're looking for). Should be up for anything and ready to party!

"WHITE TRASH" HOTTIES: female, all ethnicities, age range 18-35, attractive hot & sexy but in a trashy kind of way, willing to wear skimpy outfits and possibly bathing suits and just be crazy. Should be up for anything and ready to party! (Higher pay rate of $125.00 for 10 hours --if your photo is approved by Director, we will email you and request a self-tape audition which will need to be submitted ASAP!!! If submitting, please be prepared to do a video audition today

To submit for work - Please EMAIL US to: onlocationcasting1@gmail.com with subject line KID ROCK. You MUST include first & last name, height, weight, a valid contact number and include a RECENT photo that reflects this type of persona/role. If you just submit a normal headshot - you WON'T get selected! We're looking to show the Director your crazy redneck self showing through your photos so please send a photo or two that really personifies what a Kid Rock crowd is all about! --SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Tues 6/20 at 10am!--

**PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email! PLEASE DO NOT email if you don't fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks!*