Thank You Michigan!
August 23, 2013

Thank you to everyone who got to see us perform in Michigan over the past 8 shows, we hope you had as much fun as me and the band. Was without a doubt a summer run we will never forget! Here is a set list of all the songs that we performed over the course of the 8 shows.

Thanks again - Ain't no party like a Detroit party!

Kid Rock

DTE 2013 (songs performed in 8 sold out shows)

Devil w/o Cause


Son of Detroit

So Hott


American Badass

Wastin Time

Redneck Paradise

I got one 4 ya


What I learned on the Road

Chickens in the pen




Fortunate Son

Slow my Roll

GB Saturday

Flyin High

Detroit Mi

Proud Mary

Picture (w Angeleena Presley show 8)

Cocaine and Gin

3 sheets

RR Jesus

Only god

Born free

Blue Jeans (acoustic)

All summer (w Seger show 8)



Tush (w Gibbons)

Old Time Rock n Roll (w Seger)