Time to check a bitch…
February 03, 2020


In case anyone was wondering what a “Everything offends me, complete pussy, snowflake ass millennial” looks like, here he is! 

You have big opinions on the internet buddy but I bet you would cry like a bitch and call an attorney if I saw you in person and smacked you right in your ear for poppin' that shit! 

You're welcome for just making you relevant for 15 minutes. Now crawl back to your computer and enjoy your “woke” - sad existence at any attempt to be relevant, or a man.

(Don't want to waste to much time being mean, but every once in a while you gotta take 2 minutes and call a mother fucker out!) 

I am actually sure I would have a lot in common with people like this if we just spent some time together….. But….. I don’t hang out in coffee shops with pegged pants, half groomed beard internet nerds. And I am pretty sure this kid has never gutted an elk, understands conservation or has enjoyed the benefits of real organic grass fed animals on his plate. (Get a hold of me and I would be happy to cook you some and could also tell you what the inside of a vagina feels like.)

I know you far left weirdo’s have it out for me and that’s fine. I know who my friends and fans are. But make no mistake, you will never silence or defeat me, you only throw gas on a fire that will burn your ass in the end. (fyi, I have no problem with most who have different political views or opinions than me - that’s America and I love it.)

At the end of the day I can be an over the top, loud mouth, opinionated mo-fo too, but I really do not wish harm to anyone for there opinions or beliefs….But I am a pretty good word smith with a platform and it’s fun to put it to use from time to time in real life as well as songs! And of course, I do not take shit from anyone!

My post on Kobe was my truth and from the heart.

I am fairly sure I could post that the sun looks beautiful and some fuck-tard would attack me in the media and say I should be banned from something for making lewd, sexual comments about the sun. Ha, Like I would give a fuck!


Kid Rock