Yelawolf talks about Kid Rock's Influence
November 19, 2014

MLive sat down with Yelawolf to discuss his career and influences:

Q: " ...Here in Detroit fans not only know about your work with Eminem, but also with Kid Rock. What kind of influence has Kid Rock had on you knowing "Let's Roll" was as success?"

A: Kid Rock is the OG. He’s the dude, man. He did it all first. He figured it out, man. The country/rock/hip hop dichotomy … he figured it out. I’m from Alabama so we have a lot of the same inspirations (music-wise). Some are from different eras, but a lot are from the same. I came up as a rapper, but I still love singing, rock and country — all this stuff. He figured it out, man. And I’m doing my thing with a very similar idea; it’s just my approach to the music. My approach is just a little different from his. I went to his house with Marshall one time and saw his studio and his collection of things at his warehouse.

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