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  • lydiamiller  Uber - he was bumping down the nonsense posts of someone else. Those comments have since been removed. He was doing EXACTLY what you do with your posts........getting the nonsense bumped so that no one has to see it and be annoyed.
  • uberfan  ok
  • katflashfever20005  what did what dada whah?
  • martin938  Code sent via Kidrock email yesterday. To be fair to others having problems, no current code on my account as well & yes I know how to easily view codes. Check those emails! Still VIP seats remain (single only). Friday night many floor seats. Rock On!
  • uberfan  uberfan KID ROCK--- made a name for himself put the work in and built a empire...He has got better step by step song by song album by album..He is a player that will be in the game for years to come... !
  • dawnlang501  I wanted so bad to hear, "American Rock and Roll" live. 😢
  • uberfan  NOBODY GO TO THE LINK-ABOVE--ITS A VIRUS---johnrichcreek2019---PUTS Out VIRUS'S........WARNING....
  • marose57  Love you Bobby ! Keep on Rocking!
  • uberfan  KID ROCK is just getting started..Can you imagine how great he will be in a few years !
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  • bluesuedeshoe  It is a changing landscape but the basics remain the same. I did not write it, this is an email from Bob Lefsetz, a monthly email from a student of the industry.
  • katflashfever20005  yep..they got to sell themselves just like everything. I think Kidrocks did one amasing job at staying current although Instaham IDK Krackers getting the hang of it but well I really don't think a INSTANT HAM is the way to go I rarely use mine... there has to be another way where the scripts dont flip so fast ya can't see what anybody says...and with so many on there how can ya keep all what is said straight...thinking the twitter question and answer would be more relaxed and more control over the pace of the plug in...
  • msmithrnbsn  " Corporate Record Companies SUCK! They rape people equally to PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES! Which is why so many Artist and ACTORS/ACTRES'' own there own Production Com. I've said it before & I will type it again, "if bands don't tour, they don't make much money.