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  • angels4bobseger  bluesuedeshoe, maybe Kid Rock didn't want to cancel the show. But the strain on the voice and how bad he would feel had to be terrible.And as you know I am always praying for him also.
  • bluesuedeshoe  Sandy so good to see you!!! If you scroll down you will see a pic from that nite taken by cjkkh. To me, he really looks ill, vocal chords and neck straining, etc. He cancelled the next nite.
  • angels4bobseger  Ok bluesuede Shoe ! I will scroll down and look at that photo. I have not been here for a while too much drama with my family. First my husband dying. My brother Bobby Newsom dying of Leukemia on Sept. 23. My sister who is ten years younger than me has cancer also she is 10 years younger than me. This was her second cancer surgery and now they found more cancer also on her. She is 10 years younger than me and Bobby was five years younger. I introduced him and Mark Chatfield to Bob Seger in the late sixties. They were both in middle school. Mark fulfilled his dream years later he became one of the Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band members in 1986. I will look at the photo and get back to you later. Thanks bluesuedeshoe
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  • katflashfever20005  he'd say a short fat..brown eyed middle aged heifer Aud is followin me around . audrey would say I will beat her with a willow switch WHERE is ;)
  • katflashfever20005  HAVE some compassion let old fat heifer HAve a THRILL...I have alot of skill and talent...
  • katflashfever20005  ARE you LOST? do ya wanna be ?
  • katflashfever20005  he needs to cut his pony tail have a nice short style and lose the face hair the stache could stay but dont keep the grey in it
  • DETROIT_DAVE  dam- you really need to get better seats next time-lol- thx 4 sharing- sharin' is carin'
  • katflashfever20005  that first kiss album cover shot the one with the f**ken pink background got he all hott inside that man if he needed any kind of assitance would get it..i'd wash that hottys dishes no problem !
  • katflashfever20005  PS I have never hated a song so much in my life. drunks drunker than that write better songs.