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  • johnrichcreek4522  sincere request to anyone on this page posted below
  • johnrichcreek4522  sincere request to anyone on this page posted above
  • johnrichcreek4522  My last comment of the year (2018) & you can take that to the bank: ---- ---- Hey folks: If you scroll up a few comments you will see that the site deleted my "sincere request" comment. I'm not ill about that. I'm not ill about anything. I'm just a little confused. I have a bunch of blogs from old accounts that I'd love to see deleted but (as of now) the site has not deleted them. I EVEN POSTED A PICTURE OF THE LITTLE CAESARS NOID IN THE PROFILE PICTURE OF ALL OF THOSE OLD/DELETED ACCOUNTS WITH THE HOPES IT WOULD MAKE IT EASIER FOR THE SITE TO DELETE. I am in no way trying to tell the site what to do but as long as I have all those blogs still on page that should have been deleted it makes it difficult for people to take my current blogs serious. HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD REST OF YEAR.
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  • johnrichcreek4522  leave some feedback from the newsroom request below
  • johnrichcreek4522  In the top comment of this blog I am asking Kid to play San Diego" on New Year's Eve but before that can happen I need the people of San Diego to be aware of that blog. Everybody please call the San Diego Union-Tribune newsroom & politely ask them to do a news report on that blog. For the newsroom Call: (619) 299-4141. PLEASE LEAVE ANY FEEDBACK CONCERNING NYE IN THIS BLOG.
  • johnrichcreek4522  NYE stand-still plus NYE compensation comment: Hey everybody: Until at least a few of you out there take the time to contact the news room (as requested in my prior comment) I think that things are just going to stay and a stand-still as far as any New Year's Eve scheduling goes. John PS: I am not asking for any compensation if Rock's booking agency wants to use my "suggested" San Diego date for NYE.
  • johnrichcreek4522  True story posted below:
  • johnrichcreek4522  True story: The site just deleted 11 comments I tried to post talking about "lack of support". So even though it's a Sunday morning & some of you may think the people who run this site are out eating breakfast at Denny's, getting ready for Church & paying this site no mind that is actually NOT THE CASE. They are actually rifling down my comments 1 by 1 this morning. (IN THEIR DEFENSE, I WAS DOUBLE POSTING) I am going to try to post my "Lack Of Support" comment below here 1 more time & we'll see what happens. haha
  • johnrichcreek4522  John's 'lack of support' comment featuring REQUEST FOR SUPPORT: ---- Hello everyone: I've stated in the past that I live on the Mississippi/Tennessee state line so I always thought at least a few folks from my region would support my blogs. Don't take that statement the wrong way, everybody. I would still like some support in my blogs from other areas (midwest, west coast, etc.). I'm not looking for some ridiculous viral amount of comments in my blogs but at this time there is not 1 person in this country supporting my blogs & that is kind of foul if you actually read my blogs & realize the are the most entertaining, enlightening and down right "fun" thing on the internet.