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  • tmcallister07  Does anyone know when the pre sale codes go out ?
  • timesupforme  Still no codes...
  • johnr2  //off-topic// Feb 17th here's the plan The site would not let me post my proposed tour comment in my 4 of 4 blog yesterday or last night so here's the plan: I am going to try to post a newly revised tour today (mostly amphitheaters). If site let's it post, cool. If not I will try to post another version on Mar 1. If that Mar 1 version isn't allowed to post I will try 1 last time on Apr 1.
  • ibmeat  Tried the code several times, still not working.
  • johnr2  True Kid Rock fans see comment below/ thanks
  • johnr2  (FINAL repost) To anyone who has made the decision not to post on this site due to my blogs please visit the link below. It is a copy of a note from BlueSuedeShoe. (right click link into new window to view)
  • wayneklinker19  why do none of the codes work for the tickets
  • uberfan  JohnR_Official,,, IS NOT OFFICIAL----- HE HAS BEEN BANNED
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  • johnr2  (repost) - My Proposed 2019 Kid Rock tour now posted here- (right click link into new window to view) remember: Nothing is official unless you see it show up on - PROPOSED MEANS PROPOSED
  • johnr2   --Heads Up-- Everyone be sure to read the 5 of 7 note in my 3rd comment down regarding PITTSBURGH, Ariana Grande & Ariana Grande sick-o fans. Thanks!
  • johnr2  TRUTH STATEMENT- FEB18, 12:43AM OR NEARLY 4 HOURS PAST MY BEDTIME...HOWEVER YOU WANT TO LOOK AT IT. - Hey folks: I may occasionally post my proposed tour ad in my blogs but outside of that nothing new from me this year. So if you get a chance Catch Up On My 4 Blogs. BLOG 1 OF 4 IS A REAL DOOZY!
  • angels4bobseger  I don't think Bob Seger would mine. .I remember a few years ago someone wrote a book about Bob's music. Kid Rock wrote the forwarding in that book. Which was so cool.
  • bluesuedeshoe  Sandy, Bob Seger is a legend. If he were to ask Bob to do it via local D press then great. But without his blessing, it seems rather presumptuous, even though Seger and family would profit.
  • bluesuedeshoe  Also, think you'd appreciate this read, FREEP's accounting of RJR's early years in the business:
  • bluesuedeshoe  Stop being such a crank John, and act your age. Political comments belong in political forums.
  • johnr2  POLITICAL Mega Blast comment now posted in this blog w/ 2 Open NOtes to President Donald Trump attached to it (along with some other cool stuff)
  • johnr2  In reply to this comment: Stop being such a crank John, and act your age. Political comments belong in political forums. MY RESPONSE: Dear BlueSuedeShow: Kid Rock is involved in politics so these posts fit right in. Plus, who else is talking about lowering Minimum Wage? The country needs this blog. Sounds pompous, I know. BUT TRUE!
  • uberfan  ye p
  • bluesuedeshoe  You well know it goes both ways and is appreciated always....
  • bluesuedeshoe  Folks, Ube's been pretty ill recently. Sure he and his (and certainly I) would appreciate your prayers and/or good wishes to recover asap.