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  • uberfan  Some people use this website for what it's made for KID ROCK FAN PAGE..Or take your Code and Dipp........
  • uberfan  Bob Ritchie got the taste of entertainment and didn't look back.Music seemed to energize Bob and it wasn't long before Bob was running the game.Every Album you can see how much He has grown.And you know what? You ain't seen nothin yet........ !
  • uberfan  you can be a Scuff fan and hang you till you meet Uberfan for Clout If your Clout chasing.If your troll'n then get your troll on then dip..But most of us are lifers and we live the )KID ROCK) LIFESTYLE....So KID ROCK MUTHERFUCKER.....
  • triciasuejo  Put in Bay is the best party spot on Lake Erie. It's an Island, you fucking idiot. Thank GOD you won't be there !!!
  • diannawilson1106  This show will be the biggest show on the island!