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  • uberfan  AWESOME !
  • joeanna  Hey from Uk ..does anyone know Kid Rocks managment/agent contact?? Our charity want to hire/borrow a track for a video/promotion non profit for homeless ppl,Help for heros etc ...Willing to pay for use..Any ideas or suggestions plz?? Were stuck x
  • JoBabs_69  His manager is Lee Trink of Dare Mighty Entertainment in Los Angeles. Google search might get you contact info. Good luck!
  • rocksavedmysoul  You can't tell me a thing. I'm Irish...
  • J_Richcreek  KID ROCK MEET & GREET RE-POST / Comments posted Aug 18, 2017 / To celebrate the 19th year anniversary of Kid Rock's "Devil Without a Cause" cd release I am re- posting the "MEET & GREET CONTEST" in the comments attached to this one. If you've already entered you don't have to enter again. See my "RULES TO WIN" comment posted above for complete contest details including deadline to enter.
  • Ajay  Me too...some days i miss it. BUT all the BULLS***T i had to go through makes me not miss it a lick. The good times i will always miss...but i can make a good time no matter where i am so i don't really care.
  • MrDetroit  He is waiting for somebody to crack that can & pour it in his doggy bowl-
  • uberfan  Ya She is saying,Look at me.I am prettier than that dumb can.
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  • J_Richcreek  Kid Rock 2018 "Scalper's Worst Nightmare TOUR" (TIX ON SALE OCT 4) ---- - TOUR DETAILS- Opening act: U2 / Ticket Prices $114, $80, $49, $25. / All taxes & fees included in these ticket prices. / TICKETS FOR THIS TOUR WILL BE SOLD AT VENUE BOX OFFICES ONLY. No internet or phone orders. / Tickets go on sale Wed Oct 4, 2017 at venue / All shows start at 6:00 pm venue time / Some key notes about tour: Note 1- YOU CANNOT CALL THE VENUE OR GO TO THE VENUE'S WEBSITE TO GET TICKETS. YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE VENUES BOX OFFICE AT IT'S PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Note 2- No cell phones of any type will be allowed at this tour. Note 3- All attendees will be patted down before entering show. Females will be patted down by females. Males will be patted down by males. Note 4- NO FLAGS OR BANNERS OR SIGNS ALLOWED AT THIS TOUR
  • J_Richcreek  It anyone wants to know why this tour runs 3 times as long as the average tour, that's simple. It's so we can hit the scalpers 3 times as hard. John Richcreek
  • J_Richcreek  REMINDER -Tour still in undecided phase: ---- This comment was last update Aug 18, 2017 Hello- I jwant to remind everyone that even though CAA (Creative Artists Agency) game me permission to submit this tour to them the tour is still in the undecided phase. As far as legally booking the shows that has to be done by Kid Rock's booking agent at CAA. If I have an update to post about the tour I will post it in this comment or of someone else gets an update go ahead & post a comment in blog. Current Tour Status: UNDECIDED
  • J_Richcreek  20 of 20: ---- Tour blog is now posted. Just look for my 1 of 8 blog. Opening act of tour, U2, has a new cd titled "Songs of Experience" coming Dec 2017. INFO ON NEW U2 CD HERE: (right click link into new window or copy & paste link into browser to view) For info on new 2017 Kid Rock cd see comment "14 of 20" in this blog.
  • J_Richcreek  The site deleted my 19 of 20 comment so I am just going to post it below. But I'm going to post something different than what I had posted.
  • J_Richcreek  19 of 20: ---- To anyone who says my comments are too long this 1's for you!
  • J_Richcreek  Tour nixed Part 1 of 2: ---- Hey everyone: I realize Kid references this tour in the new "Greatest Show On Earth" video but the Kid Rock 2018 "Greatest Show On Earth Tour" has been nixed. The reason is because of copyright issues with Ringling Bros. Even though Ringling Bros does not operate it's circus anymore it still holds the copyright to the "Greatest Show On Earth" slogan. Some of you may say how can there be issues with the show when there is no issues with the song. The reason is because the song called "Greatest Show On Earth" is a song. But the show would be a show. And that's what Ringlin Bros copyright covers- a show being performed under that name.
  • rox  I wish we could NIX you