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  • uberfan  triple dog dare you,What are you in high School? you are a fuc n loser.Just admite it you are a crazy nut that lives in a half way house and has to have his ars wiped.
  • donnanew  I can't believe my dream concert - Kid Rock and Toby!!!! Somehow I missed that announcement and cant find a decent ticket. So upset. May have to suck it up and go anyway.
  • tracytegg  I also paid the $15 for the code but was unable to use it. BIG Bummmer. I hope that the $15 goes to a good cause. Was really looking forward to going to the show
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  • katflashfever20005  shimmy shimmy coco puff ..I got some GREAT SEATS ! yippie !
  • rox  right on kat...........................yiipppeeeeeee
  • JoBabs_69  I saw a single in Row 3 right in front of Marlon, another single a few more rows back. Wish we were going, but we're going the next night in Des Moines already.
  • rox  I have your taxes dude,amazing what ya can find when your savy and have a full name and city.I know ALOT GARY.Why do you think I keep telling you to stop posting john personal info.Cause If you dont stop posting personal stuff.I will start posting YOUR personal stuff.starting with the under 25 household income.I even know your wifes name and age......Again amazing what you find online when you know where to look
  • rox  My household income was 127 thousand soo.............
  • uberfan  you are starting to bore me loser know girls talk tough but first I will tell your husband or boyfriend witch ever one that you are with at the time that they need to put there bitc h in check.Then when or if they get up I will laugh while you run the hell away,,,,AHHHHHHHHHHH
  • uberfan  WATCH LOSER,,,,
  • uberfan  O well I have done what I wanted to do,,,I am done playing with you loser so later ..AHHHHHH
  • rox  hahahahaha bye goober
  • JoBabs_69  Thank you RSMS
  • jbacon73  What are we suppose to do when we are on the fan club, and they don't send a current pre sale code?
  • rox  email admin of this
  • uberfan  SEE YA LOSER
  • uberfan  I taught you to move posts up ,,,what a loser...BOB HAS BEEN NOTIFIED....
  • rox  Not by you...hahahahahahahahaha.Poor Goober