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  • Ajay  Loving the new KID ROCK sounds and music...might be in NASHVILLE tomorrow to see Steve Earle...we see. Might have to find Santa's Pub and have some FUN!!!!
  • sixthgear03  Fuckin love it. No get your ass to Florida!
  • jenniekor  Can not wait to see you in August! MN ROCKS KID ROCK! Love ya' man!
  • katflashfever20005  john sent me a message recently I guess I think what I said was you agree Uber?
  • katflashfever20005  ok John give uber the shirts and I want a Pretend make out session with kidrock aka BOBCAT the Tour Bus it can be kisses on the cheek and a hand shake make out session i'd be ok with that and it wouldn't make anyone angry...but I WANT TO BRAG I MADE OUT WITH HIM..and he gave me BLANG for a parting GIFT.
  • katflashfever20005  whoah that even caught me funny I had coffee and creamer in my mouth...
  • Ajay  Is all good with this critter dog???
  • rocksavedmysoul  She is doing well. It's hard to stop her from jumping and running around. She is tearing up a paper towel roll as I type this. Has a bit of swelling but that is normal. The pain meds at night make her kinda Zombie like but the vet still wants her on them so she will sleep. Thanks for asking.
  • sixthgear03  And I had to quit drinking, shit!
Fan Posts
  • JohnRichcreek_38834  Can someone talk about some of the songs Kid performed at the Mid-State Fair in California yesterday (July 23)?
  • JohnRichcreek_38834  BLOG GRAND OPENING TODAY- JULY 24 ---- ---- This is the blog to talk all things Kid Rock- favorite songs, favorite cd's, etc.
  • JohnRichcreek_38834  CALI FOLLOW UP: ---- The site just deleted a few of my FOX NEWS comments so that shows the site is being moderated. It also shows that (since this blog is still standing) the site supports it. So come on folks. Somebody talk about the Cali show last night. I know I'm not the only one curious. Name a few songs Kid played, at least. John July 24 2:55 pm BE BK AT 7 / HOPE THIS BLOG IS JUMPING BY THEN
  • JohnRichcreek_38834   FOX REPERCUSSIONS COMMENT 1 OF 4: ---- Hello everyone- As some of you know Kid Rock posted a website titled several days ago & there were a lot of news outlets (including Fox News) who reported that Kid was actually was running for Senate just because of that site. I hate to just pick on just 1 news outlet but that's what I'm going to do here. So this blog is all about Fox News & no other news outlets. Kid Rock has already revealed via a new blog on (July 13) that he is not running for Senate. I do not know if Fox News has ran a "corrected" story but even if they have here what I'm saying right here- WE DO NOT NEED TO LET THEM OFF THE HOOK SO EASY. Just a corrected news story is not good enough. Fox News needs to publicly apologize to the nation for reporting that Kid Rock was running for Senate.
  • JohnRichcreek_38834  Open note to everyone: ---- I won't be able to post my last 4 blogs until tonight but I figured I better go ahead and post this little dude of a blog as it goes hand in hand with my BONUS BLOGS 1 OF 2. Read top 4 comments in blog to find out why Fox News owes us an apology. Thanks, John July 24 2:50 pm cst / be back about 7