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  • katflashfever20005  im not totally convinced that kidrock even realises he has a fan part of his website...where are the moderators ? if you buy and product and don't get the know what to do.
  • robertconomon  Cant find fucking codes to buy fucking tickets
  • luctionbaby  LSJAX1 is code you can buy tix for Skynyrd & KidRock on Sept 2 in Jacksonville !
  • lisa_mc  me too :(
  • kupco  Trying to get tix for Atlantic City but none of the codes worked. Wanted to surprise my wife for the 10/20 show but no luck. Can anyone help me before it sells out
  • uberfan  OK, check this out---say ( Rize Up Lights ) say it again, it sounds like a Australian is saying ( Razor blades) LOL
  • uberfan  walg79 you are Awesome Fans,Thank you... kicscott2018
  • uberfan  If ya want the codes ,,,the only thing you are here for then get them then leave........
  • dianefan  So here's the gig....stood up by the Kid at Mohegan Sun ... utterly disappointed .... son said Mom you haven't been this quiet since Dad left! Well adjusted son... thank you!!! And in true Kid form ... he's coming to Bank NH Pavilion and Xfinity....yup going to both shows..right up feel his sweat! I'm counting on you to get your transportation thing fine tuned to see you in August and September....just me and my son...great great times and memories!